11 Easy Ways to Increase Google Reviews

Ways to Increase Google Reviews

Reviews are super important for your business. They can change what customers decide to do in many ways. This includes both good and bad feedback. Good reviews might not always be real because sometimes they’re paid for, but bad reviews are always genuine. When businesses get negative reviews publicly, it’s a chance for them to show how great their customer service is. These complaints are really useful because they make the good reviews seem more believable. But all this only matters if your business actually gets reviews. So, how can you increase Google reviews for your business?

Tips on How to Increase Google Business Reviews

1. Make Sure Users Can Leave Reviews

If you want more 5-star Google reviews, you need to have a Google My Business (GMB) page. Many small businesses don’t know that they don’t get a GMB profile just by existing. You have to sign up for the page and fill in all the info. Once the page is set up, verified, and all filled out, you can start getting reviews. 

If your business has been around for a while, your old Google Places page might have turned into a GMB page, which is a good start for making a profile. Also, hiring a company that manages online reputations can really help increase your Google reviews on a big scale.

2. Ask for Reviews

Asking for reviews is the best way to get more reviews. Often, customers who buy something like it but don’t think to leave a review. This is true for both products and services. But, some businesses, like hotels and restaurants, get reviews more easily. Ideally, your customers will have joined your email list or followed you on social media when they bought something. You can ask for reviews through these channels. Remember, even so-so feedback is better than no feedback at all.

3. Make it Easy to Leave a Review

To get as many reviews as possible, link right to the review page. Instead of linking to your Google My Business (GMB) or website, link straight to the review form. Make sure users can get to the review page with just one click. If they have to look through your profile or website to find your GMB Local page, they probably won’t leave a review. Every extra step they have to take means you might lose some reviews.

4. Avoid Buying or Faking Reviews

People who use the internet a lot can tell if a review is real or fake. There are signs that show if you’ve bought good reviews or if you’re getting rid of bad ones. These signs make it look like you’re hiding something. Also, if you buy reviews, you might lose them if the fake accounts get deleted. This makes you look less trustworthy. Fake reviews hide the truth, and you want to be honest.

5. Get Reviewed Elsewhere

You don’t need to just use Google My Business (GMB) to increase reviews. Many people like to check reviews on Yelp, Angie’s List, or other review sites. If you have lots of reviews on GMB but none on these other sites, it might look suspicious. So, ask for reviews on any well-known review site, not just Google. Let your users pick their favorite site. Some might even post reviews on more than one site.

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6. Deal With Negative Reviews Quickly and Personally

At some point, you will get negative reviews. It’s important to respond quickly to one or two-star reviews, so keep an eye on your reviews. Don’t delete negative reviews. People will notice if you do, and they’ll remember it. Instead, reply to each negative review in the comments. Work with the reviewer and your customer service team to fix any problems. It’s okay if some people can’t be made happy – and there will be some. If you do make them happy, ask them to update their original review.

7. Use QR Codes to Link to Review Pages

Today, most people shop using their mobile phones. This means almost everyone can use QR codes to go to websites. You can put a QR code that links to your review page on things like ads, receipts, and other stuff people see. When users scan the QR code, they’ll be taken right to where they can leave a review. This makes it easy for them to share their thoughts.

8. Encourage Public Testimonials

Sooner or later, every business gets a review without asking for it. When you get negative feedback, it’s a chance to make your customer service better. But what if the feedback is good? You can’t share private messages without asking. What you can do is reply and ask them to share their positive thoughts on Google My Business (GMB) or other review sites. This way, you can also bring any private negative reviews out in the open.

9. Add a CTA to Your Newsletter

Putting a link to your Google My Business (GMB) page in your newsletter’s footer is a smart move to increase reviews. People on your email list probably like what you offer and are more likely to leave reviews if they remember and have time. Reading your newsletter might put them in the perfect mood to write a review. So, adding a link at the end of your newsletter works well.

10. Review Partners and Other Businesses

Your reviews don’t only need to come from customers. Lots of companies work with other businesses. You can write reviews for these business partners. You might not always get a review back, but sometimes they will write a review for you too.

11. Provide Review-Worthy Service

If your service or product isn’t good, you won’t get positive reviews. People won’t leave good reviews if they’re not happy with what you offer. Make sure your customer service and products are great. Following these tips can help you get more reviews.

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