15 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

15 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

If you are struggling to increase traffic on your website, you need to be able to adapt quickly. Luckily there are many strategies available that can help you quickly increase traffic to your site in a tangible way:

  1. SEO:

Using search engine optimization can be one of the greatest ways that you can build organic traffic boosting your website. Focusing on keywords and start optimizing your content to search engine standard traffic to climb up results and capture more organic traffic. It is important to know exactly what people are searching for with regard to purpose. One word off can be the difference between 100 or 1000 clicks a month to your website. Working with an SEO professional can often help you avoid any mistakes. 

2. Paid Search Ads: 

Paying for search ads through Facebook or Google can be a fantastic way you can introduce a sales funnel for your page. There is a small investment involved but this is a great way that you can constantly funnel new traffic to your site. 

3. Try Guest Blogging:

Posting content to another website that links back to your own page can be an excellent way that you can generate an outside link in your niche. This directly correlates with SEO. Building quality backlinks to your website will help raise your domain authority making your site come up higher on the search engine results page. It may take some time to publish content for another page, but it can be highly beneficial for capturing new traffic.

4. Social Media: 

Start a social media page and consider regularly linking some of your content on that page to capture new traffic. Also being active with others in your niche can also lead to brand awareness and down the road convert into potential business. 

5. Consider E-mail Marketing:

Building a newsletter is an excellent way to capture new traffic by regularly directing people back to your page. There are several great tools out there such as mail chimp to help guide you when building an email marketing campaign. 

6. Produce Video Content:

Producing video content for YouTube can help you link back to your website regularly. Not only will it help to build links but youtube is the second largest search engine as well so this can significantly increase your site traffic if you are putting out good content. 

7. Go To Events:

Going to events and sponsoring booths or placing up signage can convert visitors. Brand awareness is very important and exposing people in your space to your brand will help with recognition to eventually convert business down the line. This holds to be very important especially if you provide a service or product locally. 

8. Hire Influencers:

If it’s taking a while for your social media profile to take off, hiring influencers to promote your page and capture parts of their audience may be another marketing outlet. You can either reach out to these influencers directly with a value proposition or reach out to managers that have a list of influencers they manage. That route may be a little bit more expensive but if you are not willing to put in the work by reaching out to the influencers directly it may be your only option.

9. Offer promotions:

Adding promotions to your pages such as a free shipping offer or discount code can attract new visitors to your page. With e-commerce as hot as it is today it is important to use all the plugins possible to increase your sales conversion. If you are offering a service running monthly or quarterly promotions for a discounted service may be a wise choice as well.

10. Refresh your website:

If you have an aging design or older content, consider refreshing these items to capture a new audience. Google also ranks websites higher if they are frequently updated. This is why it is important to be posting fresh content regularly to your blog. 

11. Build digestible content:

Adding content like infographics or videos can help bring new visitors to your page. Several people are visual learners and offering content you would find in blog text in the form of an infographic can be a great way to grab someone’s attention.

12. Open conversations:

Start social conversations over social media and deliver a more personal touch to get visitors to head to your page. 

13. Optimize the speed of your page:

Work at condensing the images on your page and optimizing other areas of your website to maximize performance. Google offers a free page speed insight tool where you can see exactly how your website speed is performing. It will tell you what is wrong with it as well so you can go ahead and make the necessary changes to correct it. 

14. Create A Responsive Website Design:

Use a responsive website designed so that you can index better across search engines. If your site isn’t properly optimized for tablets or phones, it could be left behind. Everyone uses their phone now and it is very important to make sure that you have a mobile responsive version of your website.

15. Produce Content More Often:

As you start to produce content more often, you could make sure that your website is constantly producing new content that’s ready to rank. 

Keep these top tips in mind for maximizing your website traffic over time. If you are looking to increase traffic to your business website contact us today for a free consultation!