3 Strategies for Dominating Voice Searches

Dominating Voice Searches

The number of smart speakers and voice searches that occur daily is on the rise. By the year 2020 that submitted that 50% of all searches done on my will be done with a voice search. Search engine standards are bound to change as a result of voice search use. Here are 3 strategies for how you can get ready and start dominating voice search requirements:


Jumping back into the idea of radio advertising for voice search could be the future. Jingles or a catchy way that you can stick an idea in someone’s head. The sounds and tones that are used in a jingle are recognized as part of your brand and they can also be the perfect way to improve voice search results. Finding a simple audio bite that someone could use to access your website or search your site via voice, could set you apart.

Get Consistent with Keywords

Voice search is on the rise and introducing voice search friendly keywords can be a great way that you can optimize your strategy. It’s likely that consumers are going to be searching for information about your brand and this is where pages like FAQ’s or dropdown articles with posed questions can be a perfect choice.

Adding Skills

New skills on Alexa devices has been a popular way to get your brand out there. Manufacturers have produced skills such as asking alexa “Can you please give me a skippy recipe for peanut butter cookies”. Adding skills for your own page that are relevant to your business could help reach out to consumers and give your page authority for advice on one specific subject.

If you’re interested in dominating voice search engine results, keep these strategies in mind for dominating your voice searches. Contact us today for a free consultation on getting your business set up for the future!