4 Common SEO Myths

4 Common SEO Myths

As professionals in St Petersburg SEO, we commonly get a number of SEO myths from our clients that they may have heard about optimization throughout the years. If you want to make sure that you are properly optimizing your page and not falling victim to a number of these common myths that are shared about SEO, we want to directly dispel some of the most common myths that we have heard. Here are some of the top most common myths that we have heard as Florida SEO experts:

Every backlink will boost your page: The idea of buying backlinks for your page has been something that’s fairly common. A number of website owners will actually work to purchase back links in bulk because they feel as though this will directly improve their results over time. Not every back link is valuable however. No follow links for example offer no value to SEO improvements!

A contact at google will not improve SEO: Many SEO professionals in Florida may suggest that they have a contacted Google that can shoot your site up to the top of results quite quickly. Even if someone knows a professional that works at Google, this will never lead to a search engine result flying up rankings. Search engine results need to be obtained in an organic way.

Stuffing in keywords is going to help a page: too many keywords stuffed into the same piece of content is going to heavily detract from its value. Working on using the proper keyword ratios and focusing on publishing valuable content rather than keyword stuffing is a much better option. Google will penalize you for keyword spamming.

Any blog will help improve your SEO: Valuable content is  the only thing that’s going to help you rank. There is an extensive amount of competition in every blog that you publish. Consistently publishing on a very low domain authority will often lead to your voice going unheard. As you keep working at your content strategy and producing unique and original content, this can work at getting your blog content featured in the future.

If you want to have the greatest amount of success with your SEO strategy, be sure to remember these myths when moving forward with your website.


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