4 SEO Marketing Trends in 2020

SEO Marketing Trends

If you’re a small business owner you’re always thinking about growth as well as how you can get on board with the latest trends in marketing. It’s hard to believe that were almost in 2020 and with the nature of technology changing, search engines are changing as well. In digital marketing, we are bound to see some major changes when it comes to birthing new opportunities. Here are some of the main SEO marketing trends in 2020 that you can expect to see:


Google automatically provides answers to search queries with a 0 click result. If you ask a question such as “What is the capital of Michigan?” Google will provide you with the answer automatically and there’s no need to scroll down to get the results that you’d be looking for. The snippets to a number of questions that have this function are around 61.8% of search results on the search engine are now in these types of search results. This means that keywords are on the way out because these automatic snippets are becoming some of the most accessed search results.

Voice Search Optimization

Smart speakers are everywhere and voice search has become extremely popular since the year 2018. With sales of smart speakers rising well over 60 million units worldwide between Google home, Alexa and Siri, there is a much larger focus on a very diverse voice search option for results. Branded skills such as “Asking the Bacardi website for a mojito recipe” and other preset customer friendly searches, are on the rise. Setting these up on your website could be an excellent advertising opportunity.


Investment in AI powered chat bots is much higher than ever before and it’s estimated that retailers will be able to cut billions of dollars in costs on their marketing budget just by switching over to chat bot technology.

Pvt. Messaging Apps

A private messaging app like snapchat, facebook messenger and more can be a powerful tool for your marketing campaign. Having the ability to answer customer service inquiries via a private chat can make your business much more personal and improve the quality of sales. 

Keep some of these top ideas in mind for improving your marketing efforts and 2020. Contact us today for a free consultation on getting your business SEO on the right track!