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4 Steps to Content that Converts

Are you having trouble with making sure that your content is regularly read and absorbed by your viewers? Improving audience retention by creating content that converts will drive sales for your product/services and if you are a business you need to be able to turn any visitor into a potential lead for profitability and your company. There is definitely a formula for producing persuasive content and in this article we will take you through four main principles that you can use in the creation of your own content for finding improved success:

Start With a Quality Title

Some of the best content online all starts with a title that’s very enticing. If you don’t have a title that’s designed for conversions, it’s not likely that anyone’s going to actually read your content to begin with. Using a headline analyzer to examine the length of your titles, the word count and the keywords that you use can all be helpful to attracting an audience. A good way to pick titles that we use is performing keyword research first as well as looking at trends. We find out what people are searching for online with respect to the product/service as well as trending topics to create a compelling title around content that people are already searching for. This will increase the click through rate.

Make Content That Can be Scanned

Content that could be scanned from the perspective of a search engine crawler is important. Your visitors also want content that can be scanned over very quickly. Most website visitors will spend around 15 seconds on a website and this means quickly skimming through the content instead of checking into it word for word. This is why having multiple headers to break down the content can help to increase conversion.

Make Sure Your Content Fulfills the Headline

If you are using a click bait headline to attract an audience it won’t be long before people stop clicking your titles. Make sure that you’re able to fulfill the promise that your title made by keeping the content focused. If you do not then this can end up taking away from your credibility and readers will not be drawn to your content in any future posts.

Always Include a Call to Action

Content needs to have a clear purpose and this means having a call to action that will convert your visitors into leads and keep them browsing other areas of your website. Every article that you published needs to have some type of purpose whether it’s an e-mail subscription, checking in on the next article or the potential to make a sale. 

Keep some of these top four steps in mind with the process of creating content that converts. If you have question about how to create quality content for your business or website feel free to contact us today for a free consultation!

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