4 Ways to Optimize Your Website Without Breaking the Bank

Optimize Your Website

A good quality online experience today starts with a search engine first of all. Your rank in search is entirely dependent on the authority of your domain and it’s also widely determined by your SEO strategy. If you’re interested in improving the rank of your website as well as the quality of your website you should strongly consider checking out these 4 ways to optimize your website without breaking the bank:

Start Building High Quality Content

Regularly publishing high-quality content will help to make sure that you have consistent content that’s ready to rank. It is generally quite important for your readers to spend time on your website as well. This makes checking into metrics such as the amount of time spent on site with your content to be helpful when improving your page rank. Do not get focused on how long articles should be as Google values and indexes quality content higher than quantity. You may search for a blog topic and find that the first 5 indexed links have anywhere from 200 to 2000 words. In some cases you might find a 300 word article outranking a 1500 word article. Go for QUALITY!

Complete Keyword Research

In order to understand your audience you need to also complete search engine research. Complete appropriate keyword research can make sure that your content has these properly embedded keywords throughout it. Keep in mind that your goal is to create content for people and not search engines so make sure that you are producing content that still reads well and keeps its value. You can use tools such at Google keyword planner which is free or more advanced third party research tools to help you. This step of the SEO strategy is very important because if you don’t pick the right keywords that will yield results then you may find yourself aiming at the right target.

Consider Your Local Strategy

If you are working to appeal to a local market with your content,  consider taking the time to embed local keywords and write local content. Writing a blog such as “5 things to do in *name the city*” might be a great way to drive local traffic to the site. Also having an optimized Google My business page will coexist with your website to drive more traffic. One of the most important things to drive your GMB up the rankings are directories and citations. Make sure that the NAP(Name, Address, and telephone number) are all consistent on every site. If your GMB page has “Suite” spelled out then it cannot be abbreviated on any directory or citation mention. 

Focus on Outbound Links

As you continue to build up your authority, you need to work at focussing in on outbound links for your content.  higher authority outbound links will help you to build up your search engine ranking. Working with other companies and high authority blogs can be a great way to build up your backlinks. Focusing on guest post and broken link building will yield the highest authority moving you up the ranks! 

Consider these top ideas as you are working to optimize your website without breaking the bank. Don’t have time to learn and implement these? Have you implemented some of these tips and have yet to move forward? Contact us today for a free consultation on SEO for your business!