5 Easy-To-Miss SEO Mistakes Blogs Make
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5 Easy-To-Miss SEO Mistakes Blogs Make

If you are tired of spending hours crafting beautiful, well-written content but not seeing the benefit of all of your labor show up in your site’s traffic and rankings, there is a good chance you are making one of these common mistakes when creating blogs using an SEO strategy. 

Because the digital marketing world has evolved so much over the last few years, Google is always adapting to living algorithms. There is a plethora of misinformation that may lead bloggers astray when it comes to implementing their own SEO content marketing strategy. 

With a shift in technology and algorithms, the paradigm shift in SEO strategies has seen a lot of things change, but at the core, the focus of successful strategies has stayed the same. This means it is time to get back to the basics in order to fix these SEO mistakes that many bloggers make.

With keeping the core fundamentals of SEO marketing in mind, we will take a look at how best to avoid the five most common mistakes that a lot of blogs and websites are making right now. 

Unoptimized Keyword Structure

While there are some technologies that are being implemented to work around keyword research, they have not come far enough to make abandoning optimized keyword structure a worthy strategy. Keyword research should always be a top priority when coming up

with a marketing structure or campaign for your content, website, or business. One of the main things this does is assure that all of your site’s content should be linked thematically by topics and keywords that relate back to your overall objective. 

The benefit of keywords that is often overlooked is that they allow you to actually know what kind of audience you are writing for. Writing with only topics and ignoring keywords makes it extremely difficult to determine which portion of your content is in actual

demand. Knowing what portions of your content are in demand will help you figure out your audience, and help you produce more of what works for your business. 

Where a lot of bloggers are failing is optimizing the use of their headers, meta tags, and even targeted keyword phrases. Following precise SEO practices can help your entire site rank rather than having individual web pages rank. 

Inconsistent Internal Links

Often looked at as one of the most overlooked aspects of any given SEO strategy plan, internal linking can really help a website function more smoothly. However, inconsistent internal links can cause a lot of issues on your site. Proper internal linking will help your website establish easy-to-use paths for your users to navigate your site, increase crawl rate, and increases site architecture allowing for your most important content to appear in search engines. 

While keywords are important, it is also important to keep in mind that you should be writing for readers and not search engines. Keeping content light and breezy is key. Making sure that you are keeping consistent with quality content is the best way to build your brand and reputation. A lot of sites fail in their SEO strategy because they either do not post enough or post poor quality content. In order to keep your position, do not jeopardize it with poor-quality body copy.

Unoptimized Images And Videos

There are still a lot of bloggers out there that do not take advantage of images and videos like they should. Load times matter when it comes to your site’s rankings, and having your webpage filled with unoptimized images and videos will cause a lot of the most

common load time errors. It is vital that you make sure all of the images on your site are formatted as .jpg and that all your vectors are .png files. You must also make sure that you have your images optimized as alt text in order to have them rank in targeted keyword image searches. (This is the text that appears when your image does not load. It tells search engines what the content of the image file should be.) 

The best way to optimize videos on your site is to make sure they are all in one single folder and have a video site map available for search engines to use for indexing. The metadata of your videos should be where you use your keywords. 

Poor Content Promotion

One of the most overlooked mistakes that a lot of people make when they are implementing an SEO strategy can also be one of the most disastrous mistakes to make. We are told that good, high-quality content will be enough on its own, however, just because a piece of content is well-written does not mean that it will rank highly in search results. Therefore, it is important that you are properly promoting your content. What this comes down to is the idea of content – no matter how well-written – will not gain any backlinks or social media shares without proper promotions, especially if it is on a young site. 

So, how do you improve the promotion of your content? There are multiple ways to increase the promotion of your content, but one of the most successful tips is to get someone of influence in your industry to share and promote your content. This can be done by reaching out to them over social media. You can also reach out to influencers for quotes and then advertise this in a snippet on your social channels or run paid advertisement campaigns. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with SEO.

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