8 Questions to Identify a Good SEO Company in St Pete

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8 Questions to Identify a Good SEO Company in St Pete

The age of the fake Guru is here. They promise to hack the code to success and offer a low-cost solution. It’s easy to determine if an SEO company has integrity or is just trying to make a quick buck. These are the eight questions that I recommend asking before you invest in a good SEO company in St Petersburg FL.

1. How Long Has This Been Going On?

A person with at least two years of experience is a good choice. You can expect things to change with every Google update. Therefore, it is important to hire a good SEO company that will be able to take a long-term view and not rely on techniques that may not work for you in a few months.

2. How Can You Improve Your Rankings?

Modern SEO requires a comprehensive strategy and skilled execution. If a St Pete SEO agency does this well, it will be transparent about its strategy. If an SEO company dances around and tries to explain its processes, they are likely not qualified and will just want to make a quick buck.

3. How Can You Approach Backlinks

Since Google’s PageRank algorithm was introduced, backlinks (when a website links back to yours) have been an important part of SEO. I don’t believe that will change.

What is PageRank and what makes backlinks so valuable? Google’s PageRank algorithm counts backlinks in its popularity contest. Quality is more important than quantity since one backlink that is good is worth more than many cheap ones.

Low-quality backlinks are not something that any St Pete SEO expert would want to pursue. Even the most reputable ones won’t admit it. It is up to you, as a customer, to see how an SEO provider may approach backlinks. While there are countless ways to pursue backlinks, two methods to stay away from would include any mention of the words “forum signatures” (stuffing a link in a never-to-be-used-again forum bio) or “link directories” (websites that exist as a worthless list of links, unused by real humans, just to get a link).

An honest SEO company will be transparent about its link-building strategies. If a company claims it cannot discuss its methods, don’t listen!

4. What Are You Tracking?

SEO can be complex. You don’t have to know all the details, but most SEO companies will tell you that they track.

Rankings: With ranking reports, you should be able to track which target keywords are trending up or down.

Traffic: Your search traffic should be shown for a particular time period (e.g., a month) and compared to a prior range.

Conversions: Experienced SEO companies in St Petersburg know that conversions are the best way to make money. There is no return on investment without a conversion. Any traffic increase is a vanity metric.

All three metrics are important, but you can’t track conversions without traffic, or traffic without rankings. Track rankings until your website appears on page one of Google. Being on the first page means you will start having traffic, which means you can track that traffic and conversions.

5. Are You Following Google’s Best Practices?

Google will only be able to work with you if you are open to it. Your website could be penalized by Google for not being friendly. The SEO expert in St Pete should give you an indication of the website’s compliance with Google’s best practices or be open about any potential deviations.

6. What Do You Know About Google’s Algorithms?

Google algorithm updates are usually of minimal impact on one website. Some algorithms, like Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird, have had significant impacts on a site. These algorithms should all be well-known to any qualified SEO company. 

7. Could You Please Tell Me About a Failed Campaign?

Many SEO companies have made mistakes in the past. This is how you learn. It doesn’t matter if the client was involved or not; it is great to hear about why it failed and how it can improve in the future.

8. Which Client Is Your Longest-Serving?

A good tax accountant is someone you would not mind paying because they would save you enough taxes to cover their costs. A good SEO agency is the same. Be wary of St Pete SEO companies that have been in business for several years and can’t talk about long-term clients. It is absurd that any company would lose a consistent source of income.

Algorithms Are Constantly Changing

Google’s algorithm remains technically mysterious. Google exists to make money. This revenue could be compromised if anyone broke its algorithm. Google doesn’t share information other than what SEO companies can see in Google’s publications, patent filings, and their own research.

It is risky. If you aren’t caught, driving 20 mph faster than the speed limit may not land you in trouble. If you do, however, the penalties can be severe. Google also regularly releases algorithmic and manual speed traps that can make SEO shortcuts an unpleasant game.

Good SEO Is a Two-Way Street

Partnerships built on mutual understanding are key to a successful partnership with an SEO company in St Petersburg FL. Both of you are working towards the same goal: increasing your revenue. You can work together right from the beginning and determine how you can help each other to reach those goals.

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