A Beginners Guide To Ranking In Google Maps

A Beginners Guide To Ranking In Google Maps

There are many ways that various brands are marketing online today. The majority of customers are still using search engines like Google in order to find businesses near them. Around 80% of search results are formed with local intent and this means that many users are interested in visiting a business in their local market while they are searching for it. If users already have some form of local search intent, capturing some of this traffic in your local market can be an excellent way to get more foot traffic and to build up a greater audience within your market. Here are some of the best ways that you can rank a page on Google maps marketing and how to list your page on Google maps as well.

What Does Google Maps Marketing Mean?

Google maps marketing means the process of listing your page on Google maps and then optimizing your online presence of that brand and improving visibility for searches across your local area. When you search for a business on Google with a local keyword you will often get a map listing for the location of the business as well as some basic information about the business. Optimizing your results will make sure that your business can become one of the top listed in your market. Obtaining a top three position in local maps results can often lead to a massive amount of new business and make sure that your business will always be queried above your competition.

Why Optimization Is So Important With Google Maps

With every local business that’s applying for a rank amongst Google map search engine results, you need to consider marketing in order to improve your potential brand visibility. Google remains one of the most popular search engines and Google maps are one of the most popular formats for local search engine marketing.

With around 70% of smartphone users checking Google maps most frequently for local business listings, you could be missing out on a massive amount of foot traffic simply by leaving your business on listed or by not focusing on marketing your business on google maps. Around 83% of people in the United States today are visiting a store that they searched online before visiting. If the business is not serious about utilizing the power of Google maps, they could be quickly left behind and it all comes down to organic search engine results.

A Google My Business Profile

The Google my business profile is one of the main tools for optimization with a business. This is the local dashboard the business will use to set up their Google page and then optimize their business profile. Google My Business is a completely free platform that is provided to business owners by Google and it allows local businesses to create a profile that will be displayed across a number of Google products.

Google My Business will rank pages in local search engine results as well as provide map pins, business hours, and more. To qualify for one of these pages you will need to first have a brick-and-mortar location where your customers can come to see you, where your main business operations take place or where you travel out of to see your customers.

The basics for your profile will include information like the business name, the description of your business, a website link, reviews for your business, your address, the locations that you serve, your products and services, your contact information, and more.

With the help of one of these business profiles, you can quickly start to increase your traffic in a local market. Many businesses that hire SEO professionals simply have a marketer create one of these pages for them and then see it instantly uptick in rankings, local web traffic, and eventually sales revenue.

You can find instructions on creating one of these pages from the GMB management page through your google business profile.

After You’ve Created Your Profile

Google maps ranking factors are not always easy to optimize for. Google’s local search engine algorithm will analyze your business based on each user search. The rankings that users get are based on proximity in their local market, the prominence of the business, and the number of reviews that it has or visits that it has to the website as well as how closely the business and its description match the query the searcher made.

To properly optimize your page you’ll need to provide 100% accurate information and a full profile description. Make sure that you’re able to add in as many services as your business offers, work at getting more online reviews and visitors to your page, and do what you can to improve your authority. Changing proximity search engine results ultimately means getting more locations but optimizing your page with more complete information will lead to greater search engine queries.

If you need assistance with ranking your page on google maps, contact our experts today.