A Guide to Google Maps Marketing

A Guide to Google Maps Marketing

Your Google ranking can represent the viability of your business over the long term. A number of your customers can often be skeptical of what your business is capable of if you don’t have an online presence. Usually, online presence establishes authority and credibility as well. One of the easiest ways to build your online presence is through Google Maps marketing. Ranking in Google Maps is one of the simplest ways to get your business online and in front of the eyes of people in your local community.

Many business owners can market their products and services online to anybody that has a mobile device. By registering for a Google Maps location, it gets much easier for a business to have the credibility that is required to actually see a business online. As a large number of consumers will actually research a business before they step foot in it, the goal of reaching mobile audiences is important. Putting your business on the map can be crucial for businesses large and small, this isn’t just a tactic for startups. If someone searches your product or service you want to make sure that you come up on this map. This will increase your business tremendously if you are getting discovered online. 

Google My Business Marketing

Google Maps is a platform that many people depend on for their directions as well as for looking up services across their local area. Google Maps marketing optimizes your business presence by giving you a pin on Google Maps. By having your own Google page on Google Maps you have an opportunity to rank higher in search by being visible on the map view. Whenever you search for something you will always see a make a map on the results page. Those businesses listed on there are “Google My Business(GMB)” pages. 

If your GMB page is property optimized then this gives you the opportunity to come up first on the map when people search for what you provide. Marketing on Google Maps is important as the search engine is handling roughly 3.5 billion searches each day and this accounts for nearly 80% of all mobile searches. Think about all the business you can be receiving if you ranked #1 on the map for that product or service you sell.

Google searches will often lead to a 76% increase in sales as local individuals will be seeking out products and visiting the store later on that day.

Google Maps marketing can change the way that Google will view your business because it actively changes the organic search history for your business. Google Maps results are also known as a local map pack and these are the top three local results that will always appear at the top of a Google search. Google Maps channels out thousands of customers in your local area and can place eyes on your page from there.

When your business ranks lower than these initial three results, your chance of being clicked on can go down exponentially. Google Maps marketing is widely considered one of the most important aspects of an initial SEO strategy.

Optimizing Your Business Page:

A GMB or Google my business listing is a completely free service. Signing up your business doesn’t count as an advertisement, it’s just registering your business on the search engine. If your overall goal is to make sure that your business will rank higher than the competition, you can often do just that by signing up. 

How to sign up for the service:

  1. Go to google.com/business. 
  2. Sign in to your Google account
  3. Build a listing for your business that’s well-optimized
  4. Fill in the profile as completely as possible
  5. Make sure your business is listed in the ideal category and that you add your contact information.
  6. Verify all of your account information including your phone number, e-mail, and address.
  7. Get professional-quality photos for your business listing. 
  8. Double-check all information to make sure that the validity of your business is not in question.
  9. Optimize your GMB listing as you continue with your business. It will take some time for your page to rank and this often means regularly revisiting your listing to improve your rankings.

How Can You Rank Higher On Google Maps?

Google Maps uses many factors when it comes to ranking its results. The first factor often comes with the geographic distance from the person making the search to the business that they are looking for in the category. The completeness of the listing is also important. 

Some of the biggest factors consist of citation and directory listing. Google crawls the internet looking for your NAP. This is the Name, Address, and Phone number mentioned. If you are listed on yellow pages, Angie’s list, etc then this will help to increase your ranking on the Maps. More mentions from high authoritative websites will establish higher credibility.

Another factor that improves ranking on Google Maps is your Google reviews. When you start to garner some excellent reviews on the google review service, you can start to see more customers for your business and a higher ranking too. 

Improving Your Reviews:

When it comes to improving your page, you need to start cultivating some better reviews. Adding some reminders to review your business throughout your business location can be of assistance. Adding QR codes to your door or on your business card can often improve the frequency of reviews. Make sure to respond to positive and negative reviews online and do what you can do overdeliver with customer service. If you are working on improving your search engine ranking, be sure that you are maximizing results with Google Maps marketing. Not sure exactly how to optimize it? 

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