Avoiding Cheap SEO
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Avoiding Cheap SEO

SEO is incredibly important to any business or individual looking to book their domain’s visibility on Google. However, digital marketing is still in a sort of wild west scenario, freelancers have been able to take advantage of learning resources and have started to offer cheap SEO services that are aimed at undercutting and taking business from digital marketing companies offering quality SEO packages. Online marketplaces like Fiverr are notorious for hosting a plethora of SEO “professionals” that offer one-time services, usually in the price range of $50-$500. These individuals are usually internationally based; while there is nothing wrong with international companies, it is easier for them to offer you subpar services and skip out on you after. Never go with anyone offering one-time SEO deals, this is impossible. To realize the results of organic growth, a 3-6 month campaign must be planned appropriately; there is no way that this can be achieved with one $500 payment to a Fiverr freelancer! Avoiding cheap SEO is paramount if you want to avoid wasting your marketing budget and actually put it towards something that will build your brand and your visibility! 

Lack of Visibility

When working with an SEO campaign, we believe that you should be involved every step of the way. There are plenty of things to be accounted for when doing work, backlinks created, content written; communication on work completed is incredibly useful to understand the SEO process. What better way is there to learn a process than to see what it is made up of? Cheap SEO services will not offer this, they will send you a bill and notify you when they are finished. That’s because they actually don’t accomplish much at all for you; many of these services will just connect you to a few low-traffic directories and call it a day for your hard-earned $300! 

Low-Quality Backlinks

Building on that, another way these services cut corners is by offering low-quality backlinking services. Some freelancers resort to just pasting your URL on various forums and blog comments around the internet; Google understands the concept of quality when it comes to backlinks. The algorithm will favor backlinks created with quality, related content build on websites dedicated to the topic at hand. Simple comment posts do not qualify, and they are easily deleted by a backend administrator as well. When you pay for a cheap one-time service, you receive these cheap, low-quality results.

Is Quality SEO Expensive?

A quality SEO campaign does not have to break the bank, in fact, most SEO campaigns actually average less than expensive pay per click (also known as PPC) ads that you can pay to get displayed above organic results. On top of that, organic search results (Google search results that are not paid ads) tend to drive more traffic than their PPC counterparts! While you don’t need to over budget, you will not achieve optimal results without running a monthly campaign, one-time payments will not do it. Even starting around $750 monthly can you rank positively on Google depending on the competitiveness, however, the more you budget the more you will see results. Higher budget SEO plans can even see organic results relatively sooner; it all depends on the competitiveness of the keyword you want to target! 

Avoiding cheap SEO is one of the best things that you can do for the growth of your business! Our world was already becoming increasingly digital before the latest events; that trend is only picking up steam now as we head into the last quarter of 2020. It has never been more vital than now to reach out to the hundreds of thousands of people that are turning to Google to find the products and services that they need in their area. Lux Digital Marketing has served Saint Petersburg and the state of Florida faithfully as the premier digital marketing company in the area. Helping companies rank locally and nationally Lux has dozens of successful SEO campaigns under our belt and we are ready to offer our expertise to you. Contact us today for more information on how to take advantage of Google to scale your business to the next level!

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