Best SEO Strategies for Plumbers

Best SEO Strategies for Plumbers

So, you want to be the best in the plumbing business? Well, before you can even start thinking about achieving this goal, let me ask you a few questions: Do your customers know you? Is your website well optimized to bring customers in? Do you take them from point A to point B once they’ve reached your website? If you answered yes to all of those questions, then congratulations! You’re on your way to becoming the best in the plumbing industry. The best SEO for plumbers can do wonders for business — but what is the right SEO strategy

What Kind of Results Could I Expect From the Best SEO for Plumbers?

Like all other plumbing marketing campaigns, the best SEO for plumbing services creates long-term and sustainable lead generation engines for your company by:

  • Improve keyword rankings in search engines for keywords such as “plumber”, “plumbing company”, “plumbers near me,” and “hot water heater installation” to increase homeowner buying intent.
  • Increase website traffic for your company’s site.
  • Fill the top of your sales funnel directly with quality plumbing leads from your most desirable cities and service areas.

47% of clicks go to search engine result pages in the top three positions, with 90% of clicks happening on page one.

How to Increase Leads and Book Jobs in Plumber SEO

Our plumber SEO services use a data-driven approach. This is similar to how we approach plumber marketing in general: TRACK> TEST> TWEAK> REPEAT. Follow the steps below to get the best return on your investment.

Perform a Digital Competitive Analysis
  • This will allow you to compare yourself with the top three plumbing companies in your area.
  • We will provide you with custom recommendations for plumbing SEO to improve keyword rankings and generate more website traffic. You’ll also learn how to fill your sales funnel with quality, serviceable leads.
  • A baseline will be provided detailing your website’s performance, including its structure and code, onsite content, and search engine visibility. You can also compare this to other websites to develop a sales-driven plan for your SEO strategy.
Improvement of Website Code and Web Page Content
  • We will install advanced Google Analytics and custom call tracking on your site to track new customers and make data-driven marketing suggestions for your plumbing business.
  • Our SEO experts will make your plumbing website mobile-friendly, secure (optional, but highly recommended), and fast.
  • We will audit your website and make changes to ensure it conforms with the best SEO for plumbers.
  • We will edit and optimize your web pages to maximize keyword rankings and search visibility.
  • To ensure your customers have the best experience possible, we will perform conversion rate optimization (CRO).
Make New Website Content and Assets
  • Your website will be updated several times per month with new local content. This improves your local search ranking and offers a seamless user experience.
  • Your plumbing SEO analyst will collaborate with digital designers and in-house copywriters and content writers to create SEO-optimized web assets such as infographics and blog posts.
Create Local Business Sites (Local SEO)
  • Find and review business citations in online directories like Google My Business.
  • Optimize the Google My Business page for your plumbing company, including regular check-ins about your business address, service area, phone number, maps listing, business hours, questions and answers, reviews, and more.
  • Optimize your Facebook page to get local SEO best practices for plumbers.
  • Locate existing business citations and find new opportunities to increase them. Manage verified citations and monitor local directories for backlink opportunities. This will help you to establish topical authority in your plumbing company’s SEO campaign.
Monthly Calls Reported to Host
  • Each month, we provide easy-to-understand reports. These reports will include the status of your plumbing SEO strategy and the results. We also recommend the next steps to increase the success of your campaign.
  • To prevent sales-damaging events, we monitor Google Analytics, and keyword rankings on a regular basis.
  • Segmenting new customer leads from current customer leads gives you and your key stakeholders 100% insight into how your plumber SEO campaign is performing.
Track, Test, and Improvement of SEO Campaign
  • You can track the performance of your SEO campaigns in more detail than ever before.
  • Try new ideas, tried strategies, and other SEO tactics that are relevant to your plumbing company’s campaign.
  • For continuous campaign improvement, tweak and pivot your strategy as necessary.

Work With an Experienced SEO Agency!

Lux Digital Marketing can help increase your keyword rankings and website traffic. Our plumbing SEO team has years of experience helping plumbers and contractors in the Florida Panhandle area increase their rankings and online visibility by using industry-leading plumbing SEO strategies. Contact us for more information!

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