Clean Up Your Site Structure

Clean Up Your Site Structure

Clean Up Your Site Structure

In order for a website to thrive, there needs to be a proper structure in place and considerations for optimization. Search engines need to be able to coherently scan through a website, navigate menus, scan content and find out more about the content that is published. It can be difficult to properly structure content and to make sure that every webpage is properly optimized and structured for great navigation with users as well as with search engine crawlers. If you have not considered the benefits of cleaning up your site structure before, users and google algorithms may both appreciate your efforts to clean up your site structure. This article will explain how to clean up your site structure.

Accomplishing Goals With Your Website

It can be tough to determine how you want to highlight the content that you have on your website. Proper organization and making sure that you are getting purpose out of every page is not always easy. When you started your initial content and your keyword research, it was likely that you were doing things that were far different than the content you are publishing today.

In order to properly structure your content and figure out what should come first, you will need to have a roving list of goals for your website. Consider what your current goals are for your business and what you hope to gain from owning a website. The goal of your website might be to get people to visit your sales page, to sign up for your newsletter, or to simply find out more about your products before they visit you in-store. Focus on these goals in your content and if you notice there is content that does not follow these goals or sub-goals for your website, you might want to consider restructuring that content or pruning it in favor of something else.

Create Content Lists

Having an overview of your current content and what you deem to be the most valuable content on your page can be important. Make a list of your favorite posts, your planned posts, and a spreadsheet of all of the pages for your site. This can include sub-pages, blogs, directory services, and more.

As you start to see the navigation path and how each page moves into the next, you can start to find ways that you could restructure your content or your page for faster or improved navigation. If you don’t have specific sections or categories for your pages and posts, you may want to introduce new navigation features to help guide your users as they access the site. 

Checking Data

Your google analytics data can often be a telltale sign of poor-performing content or pages to your site. Check the performance on your pages, posts, and sections and determine where the traffic for your page is going and how people navigate your website. When you notice patterns with google analytics, you can start to see sections of your website that people are most interested in, where they spend the most time, and more. This could help you create an intelligent path through your website, or decide which featured articles deserve prominence at the top of your page. Examining your past content that has been successful will also help you to generate improved results by structuring further content down the road. 

Menu Examination

Try out your menus and navigation on multiple devices. You could even consider a user test where you can examine the ways that people navigate your website on a mobile device or online. Seeing how your menus are being accessed and if your content and end goals are easy to find can be crucial in changing your site navigation. If parts of your menus aren’t needed, users find it difficult to access your menus or the titles are poorly defined, you could have some ongoing issues with accomplishing your site goals. 

Update Optimization

As you eliminate items in your navigation that are posing trouble, remove old content and change your page, you can also consider updating and optimizing your page for new technology. Completing improvements like adding in meta tags, image tags or a responsive website design can all be massive improvements for your site structure.

Consider these top tactics in improving your webpage and if you need assistance in your optimization strategy, contact our team of experts today.