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Clearwater SEO CompanyThe amount of business that takes place online is really staggering, hundreds of thousands of people take to the internet daily to find the products and services that they need. What comes to mind first when you go to search for something on the internet: Google! Google is the largest search engine in the world. Upwards of 90-95% of all search engine traffic in the country is from Google. This creates a unique business opportunity for companies. How can you leverage the daily traffic that goes through Google to create business for your company? Our Clearwater SEO company works to accomplish just that.

Businesses use SEO to increase their visibility on Google. It helps you come up higher for search results related to the product or service that you offer! Looking for a local Clearwater SEO company to help you navigate Google and climb to the top? Lux Digital Marketing, based out of Saint Petersburg, is the company for the job! We specialize in SEO and have used it to help dozens of local businesses increase revenues and search visibility consistently and considerably!

Digital marketing is an industry that has fallen prey to being abused by foreign, inexperienced firms that offer subpar results. As well as terrible communication and reporting. Lux strives to shift the paradigm. We offer weekly reports of deliverables and concise, monthly reports to help put the entire process into perspective! We know SEO can be intimidating and confusing. Here’s an easy-to-read guide about SEO!

Quality Websites

In a way, SEO is comparable to home building. While you can design beautiful rooms and great concepts, it is nothing without a sturdy dependable foundation. In digital marketing, this foundation is the website. Web design is usually the first step in the digital marketing process. You cannot optimize a bad website for Google visibility!

There are a plethora of website builders, drag and drop programs like Wix and Squarespace are great for getting started but they do not offer the entire toolset you need to thrive on the Google rankings. WordPress tends to be king here, it offers unmatched functionality and ease of use. Lux works exclusively with WordPress for our websites and it has presented the best Google results as well. Once we have set the foundation, we can get to work on optimizing online visibility! WordPress offers a number of add-ons and plugins specifically aimed at providing SEO functionality. They do things such as decrease website loading speed and change how your search results pop on Google. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to WordPress’ SEO functionality.

Go With the Best Clearwater SEO Company

When it comes to finding a Clearwater SEO company, don’t go with a cheap overseas service that will do more damage than anything. Lux Digital Marketing has dozens of completed websites and SEO campaigns under our belt, the results speak for themselves! Contact us today for more information. Let us take your Google search visibility to the next level!

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