Digital Marketing Strategies That Actually Work
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Digital Marketing Strategies That Actually Work

You have heard of a lot of different strategies for digital marketing: Chatbots, A/B split tests or even marketing funnels. While these and a lot of others have been praised on blogs and websites around the internet, they have not actually worked for your small business and there is a reason for that.

While there are plenty of trendy and cool marketing strategies out there, it is the simple, tried tested, and true marketing strategies that your small business is really going to want to focus on when it comes to getting actual traction and seeing some real results. Here are a few of the best digital marketing strategies that actually work: 

Blog with SEO in mind

A lot of small businesses scoff at the idea of having a blog, and a lot more than try to implement one do so incorrectly. 

There are a lot of trends of small businesses running their blogs more like diaries, which does not work well if you do not already have a dedicated following. Instead, your small business should be writing blogs about things that your customers are actually Googling. By writing about what your customers or target audience are already searching for, you are increasing your chances of being seen. 

You can find what your customers or audience are searching for by using SEO tools to search for relevant keywords. If you are writing content for a real estate blog, you may search keywords or terms like real estate or buy a house for example. A lot of SEO tools will compile a list of questions that people are searching for that contain these keywords. 

Once you have high-ranking keywords and questions, you can write your content knowing it has a waiting audience. Content built this way that ranks will have lots of passive traffic coming in from Google. 

YouTube video marketing

A lot of small businesses may not think of YouTube when it comes to search engines, but it is actually the world’s third-largest search engine and a place where a lot of people flock to for answers. 

With YouTube, you can create videos about your specific topic full of product recommendations and other externally linking information. Whether it is a simple demo, a how-to, or a tutorial, there are plenty of outlines you can follow. 

Because video results show up in Google searches, YouTube video marketing can and should also include Google keywords and related terms in order to bolster your videos Google reach for better organic traffic. 

Social Media Marketing

There is a big difference between a small business having and using social media pipelines and a small business having a social media marketing strategy. Unfortunately, there are a lot of businesses out there that do not know there is a difference. 

Many businesses use their social media by posting the same content (updates or promotions) across all of their platforms. This is not an effective use of the platforms or your time and energy. 

The first thing your small business should do is pick one social media network to focus on. It takes a lot of time and effort to build a following and focusing on multiple networks at once is just spreading yourself too thin, and you will not achieve what you would if you work with a focused strategy. 

Which social media network should you choose? Well, the answer to this question goes deeper than simply which network has the most users. The ideal situation for your small business is using the network that has the largest portion of your specific target audience. 

If you remotely have your finger on the pulse of your industry, it should not be too difficult to know which platform you should be focused on. SEO-specific work is better suited to Twitter or Facebook over Snapchat or Instagram, but your audience will determine your platform. 

The most important thing is making sure that your content is built for the platform that you choose. The perfect example of this is the difference between content built for YouTube (people love longer video content that will teach them something) versus Facebook, where an audience will not tolerate a 20-30 minute video or tutorial. 

Marketing With A Podcast

There are multiple ways that you can market your small business when it comes to podcasting: You can either create your own podcast, or you can find an established podcast within your industry and be a guest on it. 

Build your own: Building your own podcast is a fantastic way to help build a brand and a community/audience. However, it is a time-consuming method that can take a while before it builds much traction. It also involves an initial start-up cost of making sure that you have the required software and equipment to create a quality product. 

Being on a podcast: The good news is podcasters are constantly on the lookout for people to interview on their shows. And, as long as you have experience in the industry, you do not need to be a celebrity or Titan of the industry to be a guest. 

How to find podcasts: You can find podcasts that you could potentially be a guest on by searching for interviews of people within your industry.

If you are looking to implement a digital marketing strategy for your business today, contact us!

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