Effective Home Renovation Marketing Strategies

Home Renovation Marketing

Traditional home renovation marketing campaigns for remodeling contractors are no longer as effective as they used to be. Google Ads was launched in 2000, allowing businesses to reach their targeted audience by advertising based on the keywords they searched and the websites they visited.

A remodeling company stuck in the pre-2000s is missing out on 63% of the market share, as almost half of consumers shop via mobile. Digital marketing for contractors isn’t limited to search engines; it extends to social networks, apps, and devices.

Remodeling companies can target and retarget potential clients based on demographics, websites visited, items searched, and much more. Digital advertising is revolutionary in terms of personalization, testing, measurement, and real-time decisions. However, brands must now be more creative and passionate to stand out from the thousands of websites on the internet.

Digital home remodeling tactics are a great way to reach prospective clients cost-effectively and measurably. Brand loyalty and online sales are also benefits.

This blog explores what is required to achieve digital marketing success. We also explain some fundamental home remodeling marketing strategies that you, as a remodeling contractor, should implement.

Home Remodeler Marketing Efforts Should Start With a Strategy

Let’s first discuss the differences between remodeler marketing, remodeler advertising, and remodeling.

  • Remodeler Marketing: Identifying customer needs and determining the best way to meet them.
  • Remodeler Advertising: A paid campaign to promote a business and its products. It is a part of marketing.

It is impossible to develop a marketing strategy without understanding the differences between the two. A marketing strategy must be realistic, multi-faceted, and consistent over time to be effective.

1. Determine Business Goals

Always start by defining the marketing goals for home remodelers. The overall goal of a home renovation marketing is to increase revenue. To achieve this, you need to reach other milestones, such as increasing brand awareness and reaching a wider audience.

What does it mean to increase revenue in terms of KPIs and daily marketing efforts?

For example:

  • Need 1000 extra website visitors each month.
  • Our goal is five new clients per month.
  • Google SERPs should be on the first page.

Each business has its own goals. No matter what your goals are, they must align with SMART goals, which means they need to be specific, measurable, and realistic.

2. Define Your Target Audience

Determining your target market is an important part of digital marketing. Many businesses think they understand their target audience, but this is often a generalization, and they do not put in the effort to define different segments within their audience.

Google Analytics can help you define your target audience by analyzing user behavior and demographics. Knowing your audience’s problems will help you better market your solution. Clients who want a custom-built home will have different requirements than clients who need a simple addition.

Create buyer personas based on research to better understand your target audience. This will help you focus on qualified remodeling leads and build effective marketing strategies.

3. Understand the Buyer’s Journey

The buyer’s journey can be described as the “path to purchase” of your customer. It’s what they do to learn about, evaluate, and consider a product before deciding to buy it.

For example, a client interested in a two-story addition might research the pros and cons before contacting you. They will then use Google to find local remodeling companies, examine their websites, and read online testimonials before contacting several for quotes.

You can see the complexity of this process. You can use content marketing to influence them to choose you over your competitors at each step of the journey. Understanding the buyer’s path is crucial to developing your marketing strategy for home remodeling.

4. Set a Home Remodeler Marketing Budget

Deciding on a marketing budget is a balancing act. Spend too little, and your company won’t have the capital to invest in other areas. Spend too much, and nobody will even know you exist. The best way to determine your budget is by calculating a percentage of the revenue generated by your business.

Companies that have been in business for between one and five years should dedicate 12% to 20% of their projected or gross revenue to gain market share. Older companies can spend between 6% and 12%.

A home renovation marketing budget is essential. It will help you reach your target market and grow your business. A well-thought-out budget will help you plan, measure, and manage your money, ensuring that the investment yields a positive return.

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Home Renovation Marketing

Top Home Remodeling Marketing Strategies to Utilize

The four Ps are product, price, and place. The following tactics can help you market remodeling projects successfully.

1. Website is Everything for Remodeling Companies

A robust website should be the cornerstone of any marketing campaign for home remodeling. Google Core Vitals measures a website’s responsiveness and visual stability, providing a unified measurement of user experience quality.

By improving page loading speed and interactivity, optimized Google Core Web Vitals enhance website performance, user experience, and search engine ranking.

In-home renovation marketing, providing the right information to customers is key. It’s also important to create a website that offers a pleasant experience for visitors and encourages them to do business with you.

User-Centric Design

Good web design is characterized by consistency, typography, colors, simplicity, and functionality. Each page should have an easy-to-navigate layout and a strong call to action, encouraging potential customers to take action. For example, the design should encourage them to call, download resources, or “find out more.”

Quick Loading Time

40% of customers abandon a website in less than three seconds. The bounce rate (the percentage of visitors who enter and then leave a website) skyrockets around the two to three-second threshold.

A website’s loading time can be affected by unoptimized images, Flash content, unclean code, on-site advertising, and a poorly performing web host. Addressing these common problems will increase conversion rates and improve user satisfaction. Quick loading times are also rewarded by search engines with higher rankings.


Google’s algorithm prioritizes mobile-friendly sites. Mobile devices account for 90% of media consumption. Your remodeling company website should be mobile-friendly to allow users to interact seamlessly with your brand on all devices.

Mobile-friendly websites help you take advantage of every opportunity to convert prospects into customers, regardless of the time or location.

2. Build Authority Through Link Building

This technique involves obtaining external domains with high authority to drive traffic to your web pages, increasing domain authority and search engine ranking through backlinks.

Search engines will boost your credibility if you link to other reputable websites. Link building can be a difficult part of marketing for home remodelers because it is time-consuming and not always within a company’s control. You need to develop strategies to get other websites to link back to you.

Effective tactics include guest writing and optimizing press releases. You must provide value to your readers or the website that hosts you to generate quality backlinks.

3. Check the Competitors in the Remodeling Industry

You can use a thorough competitor analysis to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, as well as identify gaps in the market. After identifying your competitors, use the standard tool of SWOT analysis to analyze them.

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. It evaluates both internal and external factors, as well as present and future potential. The SWOT analysis is most effective when performed by a group since individual assumptions can be biased.

When analyzing their strengths and weaknesses, you might ask:

  • Do their products and services have a higher standard?
  • What do customers say about the service they receive?
  • Are their marketing materials more engaging?
  • Are they more valuable?

You can conduct competitor research yourself, but sometimes it’s better to hire a home renovation marketing agency that has the resources and time to do in-depth research.

4. Invest Time and Money Into SEO

According to Optimizely, SEO “is the art and science of getting pages to rank higher on search engines.” Ranking higher in search engines is important because it can increase traffic to your website.

SEO is a renovation marketing strategy that takes several months to produce results. Google ranks websites based on over 200 factors, including:

  • Use of keywords
  • User experience
  • Page loading speed
  • HTML markup and schema
  • Domain authority
  • Social media signals
  • Mobile optimization quantity and quality of links

SEO is essential because it focuses on quality traffic and provides a trusted experience for users. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, approximately 70-80% of users click on organic search results, which are responsible for the majority of organic website traffic.

4.1 Don’t Forget About Local SEO

Other home renovation marketing ideas include Local SEO, which involves optimizing your website for local visibility. Nearly 97% of online users look for local businesses. To make your business visible in search engine results, you need to optimize your online presence.

Registering a Google My Business account is the best way to achieve this. You can connect with your customers on Google Maps and Search. After registering your remodeling company’s details, encourage your customers to leave reviews. This will improve your rankings.

Reviews are also required to get into Google’s Local Pack, the section of Google search results that shows local businesses matching your query. Google prioritizes reviews because it wants to provide users with the best information possible.

If remodeling companies receive excellent reviews, it signals to search engines that they are trustworthy. They are prioritized above companies with lower ratings or no reviews. For perspective, 48% of consumers will not even consider businesses with ratings below four stars.

Avoid missing out on customers in your locality! Learn how to maximize your local SEO and grow your business.

5. Attract Customer’s Attention With New Content

To increase your brand’s awareness, you need to market the services of your remodeling company. Adding new articles regularly will increase the number of pages that appear in search results. This allows more people to discover your website, leading to a significant increase in traffic.

Digital marketing is a great way to bring in new customers and increase revenue for remodeling companies. Content marketing helps to answer your audience’s queries and build trust, establishing your company as a leader in the industry.

Digital marketing isn’t limited to blogging. Video online accounts for more than 82% of consumer internet traffic. It is important to publish evergreen content, which remains relevant for a long time and stays “fresh” to readers.

Home Renovation Marketing

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