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Florida SEOFlorida is a rapidly growing state, new businesses are springing up every day and it is a great environment to finally launch that start-up you’ve been planning on! However, thanks to this, Florida is also highly inundated with businesses in all industries. It is more important than ever to have a strong, visible online presence. 2020 showed America and the world plenty of things. But foremost among them is the trend of businesses and companies going online at an increasingly fast rate. While just twenty years ago it was common for a majority of roofing contractors not to have a website, nowadays a roofing company without a website is dead in the water. They won’t be able to compete with their competitors at all! Find out more about why you need SEO for your Florida business.

How Can SEO Help Your Florida Business?

When people need a service or product, they’ve gotten into the habit of asking Google first before anyone or anything else! Google is one of the world’s largest directors, and thousands of search queries go through the engine every second. This is happening around you as well! For example, let’s say a consumer is going through a tough bankruptcy and they want the perfect lawyer to guide them through. They are probably going to Google “best bankruptcy lawyer in Florida” or some variation of that. That phrase is a keyword, and you bet most bankruptcy lawyers in Florida would love to come up first for that question!

At Lux Digital Marketing, that is our exact goal. We provide value to our clients by increasing their visibility on Google. This directly leads to higher rates of visibility, and as a result, more lead generation! Looking for a Florida SEO company? Look no further than Lux Digital Marketing! Based out of Saint Petersburg, we are Florida’s premier SEO company offering a plethora of digital marketing services! Still on the fence about SEO? Here’s a quick overview of the process!

How Does SEO Work?

While it might seem complex and technical, at its core SEO is actually quite simple to understand. Google exclusively handles how it chooses to rank different websites on search engine result pages (also known as SERPs). It does this through an algorithm. The specifics of this algorithm are only known to Google employees. However, we do the general areas to target to work the algorithm in your website’s favor. There are two main areas that have the largest effect on your website, working onsite and offsite.

Onsite, we work to add relevant content related to the search keywords you want to rank higher for. We also work to add a continuous stream of new content through an onsite blog. Offsite, we work to drive traffic to these pages we built on your website. We do this by getting URL links of your website (known as backlinks) on other, more highly rated websites.

Lux do this through guest blogs. We source well-optimized, highly rated blog sites and work to get your content on that site! Google acknowledges that your website appears on another that is rated higher and ranks yours higher by association. That process repeated, builds a viable online presence in a slow and steady way! Many different Florida SEO companies go about the process of building backlinks differently. Not everyone takes the time to build a quality connection that won’t be punished by Google in the future. It is completely possible to hire an SEO company in Florida promising 10-15 quality backlinks a month, only to have Google clamp down on your site down the road for using shady SEO tactics.

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Florida SEO is growing incredibly quickly, go with a digital marketing company that you can trust! Lux Digital Marketing prides itself on doing everything the right way, the first time around! Contact us for more information on how SEO can help blow up your business today!

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