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Free SEO Consultation

Every SEO campaign starts with a consultation to understand your company, products, services, and marketing goals. In these sessions, we pinpoint keywords that describe your offerings, assess your competition, and define campaign objectives. This customized approach ensures our services are tailored to meet your needs and goals.

At Lux Digital Marketing, we specialize in crafting personalized SEO strategies that elevate your online presence and drive results. Let us help you shine in the digital landscape.

What Does the Consultation Stage Consist Of?

Initially, we’ll meet with you to discuss various project aspects. By grasping your key business elements and how they function, we can gain a better understanding of your industry. Subsequently, we’ll be able to offer advice on optimal strategies for achieving the finest outcomes. Having this insight from the outset will enable us to establish the groundwork for boosting traffic, targeting the appropriate audience, and enhancing your conversion rates.

Your Business Goals

It’s crucial to have clear goals outlining what you want and what’s achievable. SF Media has the expertise to assist your business by providing guidance. There are three common goals for measuring the success or failure of your SEO campaign:

  1. Increasing Traffic Levels: A higher organic search position boosts organic search traffic. We’ll discuss relevant keywords for your company and conduct thorough keyword research to target phrases that drive the most traffic to your website.
  2. Generating More Inquiries: With an increase in organic traffic, there should be more online inquiries. During our consultation, we’ll evaluate your website to identify any issues hindering online conversions. We may also discuss additional call-to-actions to ensure your message is clear to customers, maximizing organic traffic.
  3. Boosting Online Sales: For eCommerce retailers, the primary goal is to increase transactions through their websites. In our consultation, we’ll discuss your product line to determine key products and those with high profit margins. This helps us prioritize products that generate the most revenue.

Feel free to contact us or fill out our form for a free SEO consultation. Explore our SEO services for more details.

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Free SEO Consultation

Our SEO Team Can Help You Take Your Business to a New Level

We build long-term relationships with our clients, focusing on business growth. Before starting any SEO project, we invest time in understanding your business, goals, and market position. This allows us to tailor a strategy that maximizes your chances of online success.

To enhance your website’s visibility and ranking, follow these key steps:

  • Consultation: We start by understanding your needs.
  • Keyword Research: Identifying relevant keywords crucial for your business.
  • Market Research: Analyzing your industry and competitors.
  • Onsite Optimization: Optimizing your website’s content and structure.
  • Offsite Exposure: Increasing your website’s presence on other platforms.
  • Monthly Reporting: Providing regular updates on progress and results.

For a free SEO consultation or to learn more about our services, reach out to our team.


What are the benefits of SEO for my business?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a valuable tool for boosting your online visibility and benefiting your business. By improving your search engine rankings, SEO drives more traffic to your website. We design our SEO services to attract new business and facilitate company growth. To discover more about how our SEO services can benefit your business, please fill out the free SEO Audit Form.

What’s the difference between SEO and PPC?

Search engine results pages typically show three or more advertising slots at the top, followed by 10 listings below. The top slots are for PPC ads, while the listings below are called ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ listings, achieved through SEO. Good SEO can earn you a place in these organic listings. In contrast, the positioning of PPC slots is determined by the advertiser willing to pay the most per click.

How can I tell if the pages of my website are being indexed?

You can check if your website is indexed by using the search engine. Just type ‘site:’ followed by your URL to see which pages have been indexed.

Does my website need an SSL certificate to be secure?

While not mandatory, having an SSL certificate on your website is crucial to safeguard sensitive data. This certificate ensures that only the intended server can access passwords and credit card information, boosting trust between your customers and your website. Additionally, secure websites receive a ranking boost in organic search rankings, as confirmed by Google.

Does page speed affect SEO?

Page speed refers to the time it takes for a website to load its content. It’s a crucial factor for SEO rankings, as confirmed by Google. A fast-loading website not only improves your SEO but also enhances your customers’ browsing experience.

Does duplicate content affect SEO?

Duplicate content can harm your website’s search engine rankings. Search engines have a problem with duplicate content. When two websites have the same article or page, search engines must choose which version to show users. They typically display the version from the website where the content was first published.

Free SEO Consultation

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