Getting Prepared for the Future of SEO

Search engine standards are consistently changing and in order for you to continue improving your results you need to be able to follow all of the latest standards with your website to keep up correctly. Here are some of the upcoming changes that will allow you to pivot your website accordingly and make sure that you can stand up against the competition:

Offline connections: SEO is no longer about solely online connections and working within the digital space. A variety of SEO practices are now happening with connections in the local community. Go to events, start making meetings with other business owners in the community and forge relationships where you can work together to build profitable websites through backlinks.

Stay up to date on news: one of the biggest changes within the SEO industry has to do with the foundation of back links and google’s algorithm. Most of the latest changes come as a result of new technology but the page rank system now works by counting the number of quality links which are found within a page rather than just the number of low quality links. Google regularly discovers new ways that people are cheating their out rhythm by paying for low quality links and robotic improvements to their page. Whenever they find and exploit its likely that they will also adjust their algorithm to penalize sites very quickly.

Digital PR is the future: contribution to external sites with high authority back links and utilizing relationships for press releases and positive PR is important. Website owners are now forced to leave their own current platform as well as work on relationships in order to build up their sites for the future.

An original and personal flair: as well as optimizing content for keywords the future of SEO means finding your voice and content. Whether you are producing videos, blogs or other content with your website it needs to have a brand and it needs to be instantly recognizable and attached to your brand when it’s found in search engine results.

Consider some of these top future trends when it comes to the future of SEO.

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