Google Algorithms vs Google Penalties

Google Algorithms vs Google PenaltiesGoogle Algorithms vs Google Penalties


Understanding the algorithms behind Google has always been a difficult process. Since the beginning of the search engine, there have been many marketers that are working towards understanding the algorithms and manipulating them so that they can get their website content to the top of search engine results. There is no exact roadmap surrounding the path to google domination, but there are some items that we understand about the way that Google rewards pages for their relevance as well as how Google will penalize pages for attempting to use improper manipulation of its algorithms. This Article will explain Google algorithms Vs Google penalties.


What is important to keep in mind is the algorithms are constantly changing. The web presence that everyone carries online is under constant scrutiny from the algorithm standards on search engines. As Google is finding new ways that people are exploiting their current algorithm all the time, they need to make changes. As technology changes such as adding smart home devices with voice search, the nature of the algorithms will also change. With differences in technology, web standards, and with the latest black hat tactics that people are taking on, we can expect to see google ranking algorithms and google penalties change every few months. 


The Recipe For Quality


Understanding what helps a page rank highly will make sure that you can set up the ideal solution for your own page. The algorithms with a google search ranking are very complicated, but there are a series of subtasks that can cover the possibilities of where a page will rank. The marks of quality in the Google algorithm are basically seen as search filters. They work to filter out the good content from the poor quality content. To rank content, website owners will have scores and levels for their content, the titles in their directory, and more. 


Google Algorithms vs Google Penalties

How Google Defines Quality


You may not be able to define what a quality webpage might be on a google search, but the algorithm will have a series of marks for quality. For websites, it comes down to having a page that is adding value to the end-user. These marks of quality can be everything from having links that are all functional, having a page that is easy to navigate and fast loading, and having plenty of relevant keywords to what a user might be searching for. 


The pieces that go into defining a quality page are not defined by google admins either. These marks of quality are outlined based on user surveys and issues that many users report when they are finding pages on the search engine. The way the algorithm changes is based on browsing habits and the way that users define the helpfulness of search engine results. Algorithms on google are designed to benefit the end-user and help them find the most relevant and high-quality page. 

What To Focus On As A Website Owner


  • See your website as a service for the end-user.
  • See your website as a product more than just an advertisement for a product.
  • Focus on new technology to keep your page future proof for users.
  • Focus on innovating and offering something unique


Google And Penalties

As well as being able to define what a user will find value from a website, Google will also be quick to define items from a webpage that are not useful to the end-user. Penalties can be issued to a site that will punt it down the rankings quickly when parts of it cannot be navigated when it doesn’t contain relevant data for its niche, when a large amount of its content is plagiarised, and more. Recognizing where a site could be penalized, making sure that you are optimizing your site regularly for performance, and taking a look at your google analytics page and google admin tools page will make sure that your page isn’t suffering as a result of the content and the work that you are doing on it. 


Manual Action


False positives in penalties can occur. If your website is experiencing an error of the algorithm, you can work with a quality analyst to define the problems that your site may be facing to remedy them or to submit a ticket with google proving that your site is well optimized. Creating a site map or a data set about your website and appealing the penalties that it may be facing is usually best done by an expert. 


To work with an SEO professional or a google penalties expert contact us today if your site is facing problems with rankings or it has fallen in rankings lately.



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