Google Business Photos Not Approved: What Should I Do?

Google Business Photos Not Approved

People often say that small businesses and marketers should regularly take care of their Google Business Profile listings. Adding interesting and relevant pictures is a good way to make sure your business listing stays interesting for visitors. When you regularly upload pictures to your Google Business Profile, you might see the status “Not Approved” on some photos. In this article, we’ll share expert tips to follow when your Google Business photos are not approved. Keep reading!

What Causes Images to Get Rejected on Google Business Profile

Remember that no one is checking your images. Google relies solely on its automated systems, which are impressive in their own right, to accept or reject images.

It is important to know what the system looks for when you upload a picture.

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Google Business Photos Not Approved

Legitimate Reasons Your Images Were Rejected

There are several valid reasons why a picture might not get approved for your Google Business Profile. This list was carefully put together using the Google Map User Contributed Content Policy and Google’s guidelines on Managing photos on Google Business Profiles. We also considered Google’s Business Profile Video and Photo Policy and Google’s Prohibited Content List. To make it comprehensive, we included insights from Google Business Profile experts and our own experience working with many Google Business Profile listings over the past ten years.

Keep in mind that your picture doesn’t have to meet all these criteria to be rejected. Google’s automated system might just think you broke a rule.

Image Format and Quality-Related Issues

The file itself is the source of any format-related issues. These are the most common errors.

  • Low-Quality Images: Pictures with blur, poor lighting, darkness, noise, or being overly busy might not be accepted. Google says too much editing or collages can also trigger the photo quality filter.
  • No Screenshots Allowed: Uploading screenshots to your listings is a no-go. Your pictures might get rejected if you do.
  • Incorrect Format or Size: Google Business Profile only accepts JPG or PNG formats. The images need to be at least 720 pixels in width and height. We’ve found that higher-resolution pictures work better.
  • File Size Limit: Make sure your image file size is below 5 MB. Exceeding this limit can lead to rejection.

Image Content-Related Issues

Images are often rejected for the following reasons:

  • Inappropriate Material: Pictures with nudity or violence won’t be accepted.
  • Copyrighted Images: Google will say no if it thinks you don’t have the right to use copyrighted photos. Look out for watermarks—they might indicate a problem.
  • No Sneaky Photos: Google might reject pictures taken without people’s permission.
  • No Stock Photos: Using stock photos from websites is a thumbs-down from Google.
  • Too Much Text: Keep text under 10% of the image. Big logos or phone numbers might cause automatic rejection.
  • No Duplicates: Uploading the same picture more than once is a no-go.
  • Accuracy Matters: If your image doesn’t represent things correctly, you might face rejection.

Account-Related Issues

Your uploaded images may be rejected if your account or listing contains any of these issues:

  • Your Google Business Profile listing is not verified.
  • Your Google Business Profile listing has been suspended.
  • Google Business Profile is not older than two weeks. Photos uploaded within these 14 days may automatically be published.
  • Deactivation of the personal account for managing your GBP.

Additional Requirements for Cover Photos

The ideas in this article also work if you need to adjust or swap out your Google Business Profile Cover Photo. Cover photos for GBP have some extra things you need to make sure of for them to be used. You can find more details in our guide on fixing or updating your Google Business Profile (GBP) cover photo.

Other Reasons Your Images May Have Been Rejected

Even if your pictures follow all the rules and requirements, they might still get turned down. It happens to everyone. This usually occurs because of a temporary problem, like a glitch or a “new feature rollout” (said with a bit of sarcasm). Sometimes, this messes with the Google Business Profile Photo System, leading to rejections without a clear reason.

You have two options: you can try uploading the image again immediately or wait for 1-2 weeks.

How to Appeal Images Being Rejected

Step 1: Check the Image Guidelines

First, make sure to look at the quality, content, and format of all your images. If you find that you’ve broken the guidelines, you can either upload a new picture or edit the existing one to make it fit within the rules, whether it’s a direct or an indirect violation.

Step 2: Try Uploading Again After Wait Period

Wait and try again if you are confident that the images meet all guidelines but they’re still being rejected. Automated systems can sometimes have temporary problems. Spend less time and try again a few weeks later.

Step 3: Use the Photo Appeal Form

If you’ve attempted to upload your image several times and it keeps getting rejected, using Google’s appeal form might be your best option.

Google’s support team didn’t offer much assistance with images, but in 2023, they introduced a new form for appealing rejected images. Here’s how you can appeal an image rejection:

  1. Make sure you’re logged into the Google account connected to your Google Business Profile.
  2. Go to the Google Help Portal.
  3. Choose the business you need help with.
  4. Type “image not approved” where it says “Tell us what you need help with.”
  5. Click “Next.”
  6. Pick “fix the photo that does not show” under “choose the best description for this issue.”
  7. Click on Next Step.
  8. Click on Next Step again.
  9. Choose Email under Contact Options.
  10. Fill out all fields with 100% accuracy. Be detailed, especially in the “Describe your problem” field.
  11. Attach only the rejected photos under “attach photos/videos to Google you’re unable to upload.” Missing this step makes the form useless!
  12. Click on Submit.
  13. You might have to track and follow up on the case ID.
  14. Google should send you a follow-up email.

Google Support will create a case to review your photos again. With Google’s new criteria for photo appeals, there’s a good chance your request will reach the right people. Wait for customer service to reach out to you with more details.

Google Business Photos Not Approved

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