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Google Maps Marketing 

Google Maps MarketingLocal SEO is one of the greatest focuses that we have at Lux Digital Marketing. One of the biggest questions that we get as a marketing business is; “How do I put my business on the map?” Local SEO techniques mean making sure that your business is easy to locate within your market. If you don’t currently have your business in St Petersburg, working with a local St Pete SEO company like Lux can be an excellent way to make sure that you receive more locally targeted traffic. Google Maps marketing is one of the techniques that we use to make sure that our clients are able to capture local traffic to their pages.

Having a Google Business Page

Google Maps are one of the best solutions that your business can take on if you are going to be focusing on a local SEO strategy. If your business is not on the local St Petersburg business pages, this can make it far less likely for other customers seeking your page to actually find the business. Google Maps handle over two-thirds of online navigation. This means that if a customer is trying to find your business, they’re going to likely perform that search on Google Maps. If you don’t have a page for them to easily access, they could go to your competitors.

Millions of visitors are searching each year to find directions to local businesses. A large number of users won’t even go to a business before they check on their Google reviews or do a bit of research into the area in which the business is located.

Mobile Reach

Because Google Maps also have a mobile app, having a Google My Business page can give your company an even greater advantage. The mobile app with its features can be a marketing tool your business will be able to use for anyone performing searches on their phone before they start seeking you out. Most mobile users will perform a quick search for navigation while they are out shopping. Not having your business in Google Maps results could mean missing out on a massive amount of local traffic from customers doing just this.

Optimizing Your Content

As well as creating a professional page for your Google account and updating your Google Maps listing, Lux Digital marketing can handle optimization tasks to make sure you can reach a local market. Having a local traffic strategy can be important and this means including your address information in your content, optimizing your Google My Business page, optimizing your social media content with Geotags, and more.

We can focus further on-page optimization for your local market and focusing on social media marketing with highly targeted results as well. Lux wants to create a full strategy for appealing to a local audience that can differentiate itself from its competitors. We want to help you get results and that means starting on Google Maps and then branching out into a full optimization strategy.

Online Reviews

Working with your online reviews and making sure that customers are using geo-tagging can be a part of your digital marketing strategy as well. At Lux Digital Marketing, we can make suggestions on some of the best ways that you can generate positive online reviews as well as manage some of the negative reviews that you could have received. Getting good citations for your Google Maps results, generating quality reviews, and making sure that there is geo-tagged data on your business location will all lead to more people finding your business. Online reviews also improve your reputability and ensure that more people can verify the quality of your business. These types of results can take months to generate, but they will continue to improve your business over time.

Overall SEO Strategy

The ranks that your page receives on Google Maps results come down to the quality of your overall webpage and social media accounts. Working with Lux Digital Marketing to enact an ongoing optimization strategy for your page can make sure that your maps results and search engine results can see an ongoing increase in traffic.

Your optimization strategy can have a tremendous effect on the overall success of your company in a local market. Working with a professional digital marketing team can make sure that you are using the latest trends in smart optimization techniques.

Work With Lux Today

Google Maps is a powerful marketing platform that you can use to become an industry leader in your field within the local region. Working with a local SEO and marketing company that truly knows your audience and the community can give you some advantages when it comes to using Google Maps as a marketing tool. Contact our staff today at Lux Digital Marketing and we can make sure that you can continue to improve your visibility online so that your business can see healthy growth. 

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