Google Maps Ranking: A Beginners Guide

Google Maps Ranking A Beginners Guide

Today, there are many online digital marketing strategies that brands can use. Customers still use search engines such as Google to locate businesses close to them. A majority of searches are with local intent, which means that around 80% percent of users search for businesses in their area. If users have a local search intent, it can be a great way to capture some of that traffic in your local area and get more foot traffic. This article will go over Google Maps and ways to improve your Google Maps ranking.

What Does Google Maps Marketing Mean?

Google maps marketing is the listing of your page on Google Maps. This allows you to optimize your brand’s online presence and improve your visibility in local searches. Google maps will provide a listing of the exact location and basic information for businesses when you search for them using a local keyword. Optimizing your search results will ensure that your business is listed at the top of your market. Achieving a top 3 position in local maps results can lead to significant new business. It will also ensure that your business competes better than the rest.

Google Maps Optimization: Why Is It So Important?

Every local business applying for a Google map search engine rank must consider marketing to increase brand visibility. Google is still the most used search engine, and Google maps remain one of the most popular formats for local St Petersburg SEO marketing.

70% of smartphone users use Google Maps to search for local business listings. You could be missing out on huge foot traffic by failing to list your business or focusing on your Google Maps ranking. Today, 83% of Americans visit stores they found online. Google map is a powerful tool that helps business owners locate their businesses.

Google Maps ranking

Your Google My Business Profile

Google my business profile is an important tool for optimizing a business’s online presence. This is the local dashboard that a business will use in order to create its Google page and optimize its business profile. Google My Business is an entirely free platform for business owners that allows local businesses to create profiles that will be shown across many Google products.

Google My Business will rank pages within local search engine results. It also provides map pins and business hours. You will need a physical location that customers can visit to qualify for these pages. This could be where your main business operations are located, or where you travel to visit your customers. Your profile basics will include your business name, description, website link, reviews, contact information, and address.

These business profiles will help you quickly increase your local market traffic. Many companies that hire a St Petersburg SEO Agency simply have one of these pages created for them by a specialist. This will immediately increase their rankings, local traffic, and ultimately sales revenue.

These instructions can be found on the GMB management page of your Google business profile.

After Creating Your Profile

Google Maps ranking factors can be difficult to optimize on your own. Google’s local search engine algorithm analyzes each search. Users are given rankings based on their proximity to their local market, how prominent the business is, and how many visits it has to the site. Also, they will be evaluated for how close the description and business match the query that was asked.

You must provide accurate information and a complete profile description in order to optimize your page. You should be able to include as many services as possible, get more visitors and reviews online and improve your authority. Optimizing your page with more information will result in more search engine queries. Contact our experts today if you need help with your site’s Google Maps ranking.

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