Guide to B2B Local SEO

Do you want to communicate with a local business? Are you doing SEO for your business site for B2B? Are you ready to know how local SEO for local business works? SEO is vital to improve the organic traffic to your site. But if you want to reach other businesses, you have to modify the local SEO for B2B. SEO for B2B is slightly different because your goal is to improve the organic traffic for selling products to individual customers. If you want to know more about B2B Local SEO, then continue the reading.

Guide to B2B Local SEOWhat is B2B Local SEO?

B2B SEO is a type of SEO specifically designed for digital marketers to get higher rankings in the search engine results. This type of SEO helps target the decision-makers of other businesses searching for the services or products you provide. The following are a few key points that make B2B local SEO different from SEO for individual customers.

Keyword Research

SEO experts focus on keywords that generate high organic traffic while performing keyword research. But in the case of B2B, SEO experts focus on low volume keywords that are relevant and target the company’s decision-makers.

In B2B SEO, keywords generating less than 50 searches in a month are considered more valuable. Because generating high organic traffic is not the target instead of converting the visitor into a customer is B2B SEO’s focus. Furthermore, the intent behind the keyword is important as you have to target the decision-makers. Therefore, it is important to select keywords related to your business and offer bulk quantity products instead of single products. Search engine algorithms are capable of understanding the search terms, and they allocate the rankings accordingly.

Mention Business Information

Providing business information is an essential part of SEO either you have an online store or a business website. But providing in-depth information about your business is most important in the case of B2B SEO. Suppose you are operating your business from multiple locations. In that case, it is important to mention the locations of all locations on a separate page. It helps to motivate the decision-makers of other businesses and works as a call to action for getting customers.

Google My Business

Adding your business information in the business directories is another important thing ignored by B2B business. Google my business offers to submit the information of your business in the Google business directory. Adding the business information in Google my business helps catch customers and gets higher rankings in the local search results. Therefore, it is important to fill up the entire profile and provide accurate and complete information about your business.


Keyword research is one of the essential factors in B2B Local SEO, but if you have done something wrong in the past. Then don’t worry; just implement the right strategies, and you will get exact results quickly.

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