Hiring an SEO Company? Here are 5 Questions to Ask Them

If you are going to be hiring a Clearwater SEO specialist it’s important to ask the right questions before making the decision to choose one specific company. Here are some of the top eight questions that you should consider asking any SEO company before signing a contract:

How long is it going to take to rank my page?

This question is a bit of a trick question. Any company that responds with a definitive result can often be selling you a bad product. There is no exact results when it comes to SEO, it really is a process. You can learn more about this in our recent article How Long It Takes To Rank On Google.

Do you provide on site optimization?

The process of SEO requires more than just ranking for keywords and building up backlinks. On site optimization also needs to take place to ensure that you can very easily see a page rank up over time. Improving the technical results on your webpage is important.

What is involved with your local SEO strategy?

A local search engine optimization strategy is important to capturing local business. Ask about local directories that you can join in, if you can have an ongoing blogging strategy as part of your local environment and more.

Will I get any keyword reports?

Advanced keyword research can be very valuable especially when it comes from an expert in Florida SEO. With the help of advanced keyword reporting, you can get access to tools that you can continually use for the future of your company and its content. Learn More about keyword research!

Do you have any references?

Having the ability to speak directly to some of the other website administrators or past clients of a Florida SEO provider can be an eye-opening experience. Learning directly from their references can help to vet these individuals so that you can learn more about what it is like to work with them day to day.

Keep some of these top questions in mind as you are interviewing a Florida SEO expert for hire in the future.


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