How Long Does it Take to Rank First on Google?

A lot of business owners always wonder how long does it take to rank first on Google? Placing an exact timeline on your SEO is simply not a realistic goal. Optimizing for a top-ranked result is something that is a process. It takes a few months at the minimum to start seeing results that will change your business. The average is 3-9 months for first page. There are no types of guaranteed results that can come with search engine optimization and any SEO expert that can give you a direct timeline for reaching top results is selling a fake product. Here is how you rank first on google.

In most cases, a Florida SEO expert that is advertising the idea of ranking your site within two weeks or two months, is offering a complete lie for a service. There are a number of on-site adjustments that can make an instant difference in the quality of your website and the initial rankings that you have been getting, reaching a top spot and holding it however is an entirely different struggle for a business.

SEO companies in Florida that have experience will go through and research to provide an estimate based off of the competitive nature of your company and the niche that you are in. It often takes several weeks of research into the competitive nature of your industry before the work can really begin and your site can start to build a strategy for improving your search engine ranking.

Ultimately there is no guaranteeing a specific result or a ranking within a certain amount of time. The process of optimization is something that takes work and plenty of ongoing dedication to continue over time. A St. Pete SEO consultant will deliver valuable information that will improve your page, but it requires ongoing work to keep your ranking.

If you ask any SEO company if they can rank your page and they give you a specific timeline and search engine spot that they can grant you as part of a package, it’s usually best to walk away immediately. 


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