How to Attract Customers to Your Online Store

How to Attract Customers to Online Store

Want to know how to attract customers to your online store? Whether you’re a seasoned e-commerce veteran or just starting out, drawing in new, enthusiastic customers can be a challenge. But fear not – we’ve got you covered. Sit back and let us guide you through some of our top strategies and tips. With easy-to-understand ideas and straightforward language, we’ll help you grab the attention of your target audience and drive them to your virtual storefront. 

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Store Design and Experience

Aesthetic Design

Designing your online store is super important. If your website looks bad or is hard to use, people will leave and shop somewhere else. With so many choices online, customers can be picky!

Your store’s design should match what you sell and the vibe of your brand. If your site looks messy and unprofessional, people might think your products are too. But if it looks sleek and well-made, it builds trust with customers.

Services like Wix make it easy to create a good-looking website. They offer lots of templates to choose from, so you can find one that fits your style. You can also customize features to make your store unique. With over 800 templates covering different industries and themes, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. Whether you’re selling clothes or running a lifestyle blog, Wix has you covered.

Optimized Product Listings

Making it easy for customers to find and buy your products is crucial. Even if they land on your site, you need to make the process as simple as possible.

Here are some key elements to include in your product listings:

  • Clear Titles: Use the product and brand names in the title for better search optimization. Also, include important details like size, color, and any other relevant information.
  • Detailed Descriptions: Make sure your product descriptions have all the necessary information for customers to make informed decisions.
  • Shipping Information: Include shipping details and costs so customers know what to expect.
  • Features: Highlight the features of your products to showcase their benefits.
  • Customer Reviews: Integrate customer reviews within your product listings to build trust and credibility.

By optimizing your product listings with these elements, you can improve the shopping experience for your customers and increase your chances of making sales.

High-Quality Product Images

Customers need to see what they’re buying. Put yourself in their shoes – would you spend money on something you hadn’t seen? Probably not.

Burrow, an online store, does a great job using high-quality images to showcase their products in different settings.

Here are some tips for taking great product photos:

  • Use a Good Camera: Make sure to use a high-quality camera for clear images.
  • Lighting: Ensure the area and the item are well lit with no shadows to get a clear picture.
  • Different Angles: Take several photos from different angles so customers can see the product from all sides.
  • Variety: Consider taking photos in various setups, like flat-lays or on a model, to give customers a better idea of how the product looks in different situations.

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How to Attract Customers to Online Store


Brand Identity

Having a strong brand identity is key to standing out and attracting customers to your online store. Think about some of your favorite online brands. They all have a distinct identity that makes them easy to recognize – whether it’s their colors, fonts, or the way they speak to their customers.

By creating a strong brand image, you can connect with your customers. A memorable brand will stick in people’s minds, bringing them back to your store again and again.

Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to promote your products and attract customers to your online store. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can help you reach out to potential customers.

To succeed on social media, focus on creating engaging and high-quality content that turns your followers into customers. Encourage people to interact with your content and follow you, leading them to visit your online store.

Here are some ideas to help you get customers to visit your online shop through social media:

  • Post regularly to keep your audience engaged.
  • Choose the social media platforms where your target audience spends their time.
  • Use images and videos to showcase your products effectively.
  • Interact with your audience by posting interactive content like polls and questions.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to bring customers to your store. With a mailing list, you can keep in touch with both current customers and those who’ve visited but haven’t bought anything yet.

Email allows you to connect directly with your audience, whether you’re remarketing or retargeting. Sometimes, one well-crafted email with engaging content or a discount can turn subscribers into customers.

Here are some email marketing ideas:

  • Showcase new products to your subscribers.
  • Offer discounts, incentives, and sales tailored to your subscribers’ needs.
  • Send emails featuring similar products to customers who’ve made purchases before.
  • Use your products to create inspiring content, styling them and showing how they can be used.

Analysis of Customer Data

Monitoring the data of previous customers can be incredibly helpful for attracting new ones to your online store.

Data collection helps you understand how your customers behave online. You can see what they search for, how long they spend on your site, and when they abandon their shopping carts.

This information can be used to personalize the experience for each customer. By targeting them on the right platforms and offering incentives to complete their purchase, you can increase your chances of converting them into buyers.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial for driving traffic to websites, including online shops.

The more relevant your search results, the more traffic you can attract to your store. For example, if you sell pet supplies, you’d want to rank for terms like “colorful dog collars” or “unique cat food bowls” because these indicate that people are looking to buy those products.

To improve your site’s SEO, focus on keyword optimization, building a backlinks profile, and writing high-quality, relevant blog posts. These methods can help boost your site’s visibility in search engine results, bringing more potential customers to your online store.

Customer Experience

Customer Support

Providing excellent customer service is crucial for your online shop.

Customers expect to be able to contact customer service anytime, day or night. Live chat and chatbot services are great ways to show your customers that help is available at any stage.

Your customer support should extend to services like shipping and returns. Making these processes as easy as possible encourages customers to return to your store repeatedly.

Promotions and Discounts

Everyone loves a good discount. Customers are drawn to discounts and promotions, especially when shopping online.

Many online stores prominently feature promotions to keep customers engaged and more likely to make a purchase.

You don’t have to run sales all the time or drastically drop prices, but offering promotional codes to customers or sharing sales on social media can encourage them to buy from you. Additionally, you can develop a loyalty program for your customers to further incentivize repeat purchases.

Enjoy Free Shipping

Shipping costs can be a hurdle for customers when shopping online. Many abandoned baskets occur because customers don’t want to pay high shipping fees.

Offering free or discounted shipping is a great way to incentivize purchases. You can also introduce curbside pick-up as an option.

Some stores provide free shipping for orders above a certain value, encouraging customers to buy more to qualify. Cash on Delivery is another flexible payment option that gives customers more choices.

As a special offer, you can provide free shipping for a limited time. Promote this offer through social media or email marketing to attract customers.

How to Attract Customers to Online Store

Summary: How to Attract Customers to Your Online Store

Attracting customers to your store is crucial for business growth and making sales. To get customers to visit your site, consider these strategies:

  • Design an appealing website.
  • Optimize your product listings with clear descriptions.
  • Use high-quality images of your products.
  • Utilize email marketing, social media, and SEO for effective marketing.
  • Provide excellent customer service and support.
  • Offer alternative purchasing options.

By following these steps, you can attract more customers to your online store. Let us know if you try any of these tips!


How can I start an online store?

Starting an online store is simple. You can choose from various ecommerce site builders like Shopify to make the process easy and stress-free. Other options include BigCommerce.

How do I talk directly to potential customers?

To engage potential customers, it’s important to communicate directly with them. You can achieve this by targeting them through social media or email marketing. Build an email list and utilize the social media platforms your target audience uses.

What incentives can I offer my customers?

You can attract customers with incentives. Offer special discounts to your email subscribers, promote seasonal sales through social media, and provide free shipping on orders above a certain amount.

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