How To Create The Right Meta Description

How To Create The Right Meta Description

How To Create The Right Meta Description

The right meta description is an important part of any page content. If you have never heard of a meta description, it is a section of text up to155 characters that serve as a tag or label for the page content. Search engines will show this tag as a result in the section below the title for a page. Because this section is often so important for attracting visitors, and it serves as a teaser for the page, writing the perfect content here can work at maximizing on-page SEO and bringing in a greater audience. In this article we will go over how to create the right meta description, keywords, what Google looks for, and how to create better content.

Meta Description Defined

The meta description stands as a tag at the top of the page but it often does not appear as text. The HTMP tag starts with , meta name= “description” content= A meta description at two sentences. “ />. These tag sections will hide the text from your view as you open a webpage, but it will make sure that the text is displayed below the title of the page as you are loading search engine results.

The purpose of these tags is very simple, it is to tease the page and to make sure that the page will generate plenty of click-through results from a search engine. Meta descriptions can work almost like a trailer works for a film, it shows you bits of the final product to get you interested in viewing the full thing. 

Many search engine experts would suggest that there is no primary benefit to a meta description for SEO and it will not be subject to the ranking algorithm. There can be some indirect benefits to improving the click-through rate to a page. 

This is the number of times that a site is displayed in search engine rankings vs the number of times that the result gets clicked through to the page. If your page receives more clicks, then Google will consider your result to be more relevant to the keywords that were searched and your page will consistently rank higher for these results. If you want to harness the power of a better click-through result and the chance that you are going to enjoy a better search engine ranking from your meta description, you need to know how you can create better meta descriptions:

Stick To The Character Limit

The right length for content online can make a big impact with formatting. When you are trying to sum up an entire page or article, keeping it short and leading the reader into the page can be important. If you can create a short trailer text for your meta description, it is best done in snippets of 120-155 characters. Anything longer will likely be cut off in the paragraph below the page title. 

Stick To An Active Voice

Most professional content writers suggest sticking to an active voice wherever possible. Making sure that your content isn’t too cryptic or boring can be important. People will need to know what is on your page and what they can expect when they click through to your content. 

Write It With A Call To Action

Inviting the customer to check out your page and emphasizing the call to action on your content can be important. A meta description that invites someone to check into your page, sign up for your newsletter, or find out more with a click can be a more inviting way to bring the person to your content.

Focus With Keywords

A bit of SEO and focus keywords can help your case. If you have built your content with keywords, you will also need to make sure that you are including these types of keywords in your meta description too. Highlighting content keywords in your meta description may not play as heavy a role as keywords in your opening paragraph or other sections of your content, but it can help users feel more drawn to your page.

Always Use Unique Content

The meta description on your page needs to be unique. If you are using copied content from your article or other pages, you will need to make sure that you are at least paraphrasing it to be original. Copied content can be penalized on any search engine, including content in meta descriptions.

Don’t Make It Misleading

Clickbait online is a great way to draw in an audience, but people may consider your page to be untrustworthy when you are misleading them. Make sure that you are writing descriptions that properly match your content and describe the content you have created. 

Keep some of these top ideas in mind regarding the use of meta descriptions and what you can do to improve your meta description text for the future. If you could use assistance with your online marketing efforts, contact us today.