How to Get Business Leads Online
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How to Get Business Leads Online

Digital marketing requires continuous effort from businesses to increase their online leads. Many businesses lack the knowledge to optimize their digital marketing strategy effectively.

Here are some methods to increase your online leads:

  1. Create Valuable Content: Offer information that your audience finds useful and engaging.
  2. Use Creative and Effective CTAs: Craft compelling calls-to-action to encourage visitors to take the next step.
  3. Leverage Your Existing Customers’ Networks: Encourage your current customers to refer your business to their contacts.
  4. Implement Live Chat on Your Website: Provide instant assistance to visitors to boost engagement and conversions.
  5. PPC Ads: Use pay-per-click advertising to target potential customers.
  6. Social Media: Engage with your audience and promote your business on social platforms.

What do these strategies mean in practice? Learn how to better utilize your website, content, and existing customers to maximize your digital marketing efforts.

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How to Get Business Leads Online

Useful Content to Generate Online Leads

Great content is one of the best ways to generate online leads for businesses. Engaging content converts customers and keeps them interested.

There’s no better way to engage your audience and increase brand awareness than through blogs, videos, or eBooks. By providing value, you encourage customers to return and spend more time with your brand.

Whether you’re part of an in-house team or partnered with a marketing services provider, your focus should be on creating useful content for your customers. This will encourage them to return to your website and other channels.

Blogs can result in a 434% increase in indexed pages—pages that search engines consider valuable—and a 97% increase in indexed links.

The type of content you create will depend on your goals and how each piece fits into the buyer’s journey.

Blogs are a great way to start. They help you establish your presence in search engines. Many blogs provide valuable information by answering questions and informing the reader. They also lead the user to other content that is more conversion-oriented and further down the sales channel.

Entertainment, education, and inspiration are also valuable. A blog about developing leadership skills, for example, can be both informative and inspiring.

Let’s look at the different types of content that can help your business generate online leads.

Content Types and Their Uses in Lead Generation

As mentioned above, blog content is the foundation of a content strategy. Blogs are great for answering questions, increasing organic traffic, and acting as landing pages for search engine visitors. These visitors can then be directed to pages and content designed to convert.

Content such as eBooks, white papers, and checklists are often gated. They are designed to convert traffic into leads by using content forms. Blogs can link to these types of content and encourage users to engage with them.

It is important to gently guide visitors into the deeper content of your website, which is usually more technical and answers questions raised by previous pieces.

Custom visuals can often improve the performance of blogs. Infographics and videos are particularly effective. Infographics are the fourth most popular type of content used in marketing.

You can also create graphic or video-based material, such as infographics and video series, that is good for SEO. They are easily shareable and engaging. While the primary goal of this content might not be to generate leads directly, it can keep visitors engaged for longer periods.

Use Creative and Effective CTAs 

A well-written call to action (CTA) can make the difference between someone leaving your website immediately after reading a post or setting them on a pathway to becoming a lead. It’s crucial to have a well-written CTA, but presenting it at the right time is equally important.

A CTA asking a user to contact a company representative appearing on an informational blog at a superficial level might be too much. The user might not be ready for that step. Instead, they might be more interested in a blog that takes them further into the sales funnel or a video about the subject.

You can also tailor CTAs for specific audiences by changing them based on the host content’s topic, location in the funnel, type of content, and many other factors. By adjusting the copy and graphics based on these factors, your business can generate more leads online.

Other Types of CTAs 

You can also include CTAs on your website that aren’t meant to generate online leads, but they can still help you collect information to determine how well your content and website engage with your customers.

A “read more” link on your blog will help you see how many readers continue reading past a certain point. This can give you an idea of how well-written your blogs are and whether your topics are appropriate for your audience.

Encouraging your audience to share your content with their friends will give you a wider reach and provide useful data about which content is popular and shared.

These CTAs can provide valuable information that will help you plan future content. What works? Which blogs lead to conversions? What blogs are shared? What is working or not working about them?

Well-planned CTAs can provide the data to answer these questions and improve your digital marketing strategy.

How to Get Business Leads Online

Use Network of Current Customers for Business Referral

Using existing customers to reach more people is a proven strategy. You can employ various methods to generate online referral leads and share them with your current customers in your business.

Referrals can be integrated into an existing reward program. Loyal employees and customers may benefit from receiving referral codes. Offer additional coupons or special deals to your customers in exchange for referrals. You can also ask people to tag friends in their social media posts.

These are all unique ways to achieve the same goal: using current or previous customers to find new ones.

Live Chat Features on Your Website

Imagine being able to chat with every person who visits your site. Chatbots make this possible! Chatbots on websites are automated services that help users with questions and guide them through conversations.

After the initial chat, the bot can ask questions to keep the conversation going. They can collect data, connect the user with a sales representative, and conduct post-chat surveys to measure the effectiveness of their conversation path.

Chatbots are a valuable tool in digital marketing. They enhance user engagement, provide immediate assistance, and can streamline the lead generation process.


Digital ads are not directly responsible for generating leads, but they play a crucial role in online lead generation by directing traffic to your landing page through targeted keywords and attention-grabbing content.

Visitors attracted by PPC ads are 50% more likely to purchase than those from organic searches. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, when combined with a solid strategy and thorough research to identify the best keywords, is an effective method of attracting qualified search traffic. This type of advertising targets people with specific interests and intentions, making it a powerful tool in your digital marketing arsenal.

Social Media to Generate Leads Online

According to 77% of social media marketers, social media marketing is effective in lead generation. Digital marketing is becoming increasingly dependent on social media, as Millennials, Gen Z, and other consumers use these platforms to make purchases.

How can you use social media to generate leads for digital marketing?

Your best bet is to ensure that your content adds value. Social media content often differs from blogs in that users expect more humor and quick insights when navigating through social media channels.

Social media strategies should have clear goals. Use these goals to optimize your social media campaigns and improve your strategy with each new campaign. By focusing on valuable content and clear objectives, you can effectively leverage social media to generate leads.


Knowing your audience is the key to digital marketing and generating online leads for your business. Understanding their questions, search behaviors, and preferences makes it easier to create ads, content, and features tailored to their needs. By focusing on your audience’s interests and behaviors, you can develop more effective marketing strategies and drive better results.

At Lux Digital Marketing, we specialize in understanding your audience to create personalized and effective marketing strategies. Let us help you reach your digital marketing goals and generate more leads for your business.

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