How to Get More Foot Traffic in Your Store
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How to Get More Foot Traffic in Your Store

Wondering how to get more foot traffic in your store? Nowadays, many businesses have both physical stores and websites. Even though shopping online is easy, lots of people still like going to stores. It’s essential to make customers who’ve been to the store before, those who usually shop online, and potential customers all want to visit the actual store. 

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How to Get More Foot Traffic in Your Store

Expert Tips to Get More Foot Traffic in Your Store

In this article, experts from Lux Digital Marketing share different ideas to get people who are used to shopping on their phones to come to the real store.

1. Leverage a Mobile App

Using mobile apps can make regular stores more appealing to customers. One way to get customers to come to the actual store is by giving them special deals or discounts through the app. You can also use the app to reward customers when they come back. Another good thing is that you can use the app to tell customers about events and things happening in the store.

2. Enjoy Fun Photo Ops on Your Property

Make your place more fun by setting up cool spots for pictures that people would want to share on Instagram. This helps more people see your business on social media. You can even ask others to come and take their awesome photos. Every month, get your staff to pick the best picture, and share it on all your social media.

3. Give Customers a Reason to Show Up

In today’s digital age, it’s crucial to give your customers good reasons to visit your store. This might include workshops, social events, or special access to products and services. Providing excellent customer service is also a way to stand out from online shopping. It depends on your business and what your customers value the most.

4. Host a One-Time Event

A regular store can become a cool place to go by having special events with stuff that matters to its customers. This makes an experience that’s special and draws in not just the usual customers but also new ones. The event can be hands-on or just something to watch, depending on the people who come.

5. Exclusive Offers in Store

Shops with physical stores can get more people coming in by having special things and deals that you can only get at the actual store. This makes customers feel like they need to visit your store soon, boosting sales!

6. Focus on Direct Mailing Efforts

Using direct mail is a smart way to do this. It’s good because it doesn’t invade people’s privacy, and it’s one of the few ways you can directly talk to one person. It helps you reach people who might be hard to get to in closed-off online spaces. You can also send messages online and offline to the people you want to reach. 

For instance, you can send postcards to people who visit your website without telling you who they are, or you can connect with them on social networks.

7. Use Digital Applications to Offer Live Assistance In-Store

Getting help through digital apps while you’re in the store is the next cool thing for in-store experiences. Instead of looking around for help, just open the app and chat with your shopper. This mix of technology and organized talent can bring some cool options and quick answers.

8. Organize a Gift-With-Purchase Promotion

Share a “gift-with-purchase” deal on social media or through email to boost in-store sales. Here’s how it works: after buying something, customers can show their receipt, either on their phone or on paper, to get a coupon, a gift, or a chance to win cool stuff like a concert or a vacation. 

These promotions where you get a gift with your purchase can be a great way for people to try new things or shop more often.

9. Create Personalized and Localized Content

Making sure your content is specific to where your customers are and feels personal helps you connect with them better. It also makes the experience smooth when they switch from online to offline. This builds loyalty because it lets them know what to expect. 

You can also make content that shows off good reviews of your place to give potential customers an idea from the viewpoint of people who already visit.

10. Offer Exclusive In-Person Deals via Social Media

Physical stores that are active on social media can use it to give special offers that you can only get by coming in person. When you have a personal connection, like through campaigns or one-on-one talks, and then you give a reward, it helps make customers feel closer, trust you more, and stick with your brand.

11. Offer Workshops, Classes, or Meetups in the Store

Build a community feeling by having events in your store, like classes, workshops, or meetups. These events are not just good for getting customers but also for making the people who come feel like part of a community and more loyal to your store.

12. Offer In-Store Only Incentives

Give a special reward that people can only get by coming to the store. Share this reward in ads, online, or in a newsletter. Just make sure to say they can only use it in-store. When people come to get their reward, make it fun by maybe giving extra things or cool packaging along with the reward.

13. Join Forces With Other Brick-And-Mortar Stores

Work together instead of competing. Some physical stores think they’re fighting against each other. But really, there are two main areas: in-person and online. Your local “competitors,” meaning other nearby shops, can help you out. Make your store a cool place to visit, and you’ll get more people coming in, bringing you lots of good stuff.

14. Make It Easy to Find and Navigate Your Business

Help people find your business and move around your website easily. Use online tools to remind people where you are by using location tags in social media posts and stories. Also, put maps on your website and in your emails to show exactly where you are. Tell people about any quick grab-and-go areas or fast checkout lines in your store. Talk to customers online to get them excited about coming to your store.

15. Offer Personalized Customer Service

By giving customers personalized services, like personal styling, product suggestions, and special rewards through a loyalty program, physical stores can get more people to visit. This makes a special and one-of-a-kind experience that makes the physical store different from online shops. This helps build strong loyalty from customers, making them come back more often.

How to Get More Foot Traffic in Your Store

Get More Customers With LUX’s SEO Services

As you wrap up your quest for more foot traffic in your store, remember these simple tips. Utilizing social media, localized content, and in-store incentives can make a big difference. But if you’re looking for a boost in the online world, consider the expertise of Lux Digital Marketing, SEO experts in St. Pete, FL. They know how to make your store stand out on the web, bringing more customers through your doors. 

Explore the possibilities with Lux Digital Marketing and watch your store thrive both in-person and online. Request a FREE site audit now!

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