How to Get My Website Seen on Google

How to Get My Website Seen on Google

How to get my website seen? The need for a website is a requirement for any company, especially in this age that everything is digital. However, getting your website seen on Google is an entirely different issue that isn’t always simple. The first step is to ensure that Google can find your site. This means, your website should be ready for indexing. This may look different based on the website builder and CMS that you’re using. However, the good news is that most will clearly state when you’re not set to index.

How to Help Google Find My Pages

If you’re not aware, Google is the biggest game in terms of getting your website visible. Here’s how to boost the visibility of your website in Google’s all-important search rankings.

Use Keywords to Optimize Your Site

Google does not just look for great websites. It also detects relevant websites that are most suitable for particular queries.

Check that each page on your site is clearly geared towards an area of focus. The more targeted and precise the subject, the better chances each page will have to be found in the search results of Google and be noticed.

Make it Easy for Google to Crawl Your Pages

The simpler it is for Google to navigate through your site and discover what it can learn more quickly, it will be able to add you to its index and add your site to search results. This means:

  • Inserting keywords relevant to your topic of interest into the meta title, meta description, URL, and image tags of your web pages (a fundamental part of image SEO).
  • Internally linking your site’s pages to ensure that your site overall is easier to navigate (and more credible).
  • Conduct a review of the technical aspects of your website to make sure there are no indexing issues.
Create More Pages for Your Website

Have you created your own blog? A blog is the best method to increase the organic reach of your site. Each blog post provides an opportunity for Google to see and rank for various high-quality keywords.

But, don’t make the mistake of launching blogs solely to create additional pages. Google places blog posts at the top of its list because they provide useful advice or information. In the event that your site is now to be a reliable source, it will increase the value your site brings to the table. It will definitely aid your site in getting found by people seeking information on Google.

Verify Your Identity With Google

Google crawls through the internet and finds your web pages based on the ease with which they can be read and classified. Are you interested in allowing Google to scan your site to make them more efficient? Add your business information to Google Maps through Google My Business.

Here’s how:

  1. Create an account with Google My Business
  2. Locate your company on Google Maps
  3. Claiming your business’ place on Google Maps

It’s as simple as that. The last step is to wait to receive a physical verification code in the mail and then add it to the profile of your Google My Business profile.

Once you’ve registered your business, Google will give you a confirmation and will be able to improve your Google My Business profile. The more detailed your listing for your business is, the higher your company (and website) will begin to receive clicks and impressions through Google.

Use Titles That Are Compelling

The addition of keywords in title tags on web pages can help Google and searchers identify them. But you need to be noticed, not just recognized. To stand out, come up with appealing titles. That is, you want to be distinctive (but do not overpromise or make it too much!)

Write High-Quality Content 

Making sure you write about the correct keywords and positioning them on your website will help Google to find your site. But if you want to get more visitors to be aware of you, then you must be higher on the list.

Use Compelling Images

People use Google for images more often than you might believe. If you have quality images of your services or products, ensure that you optimize them for ranking in a search engine for images. Ensure image optimization by doing the following:

  • Select the appropriate file name
  • Keep files small to speed up load times
  • Geotag the images
  • Add captions
  • Use alt and title text
Run Google Ads

Google Ads cost money. However, they are very effective on average. Advertising through Google is a surefire method for your company to rise up to the top of search results.

 Post on Social Media

One of the easiest (and most affordable) methods to make your website visible is to post regularly to your company’s social media pages.

Be active on social media platforms to allow your posts to be noticed. For instance:

  • Ask conversation-starting questions
  • Answer your friends’ questions (being amusing is a plus!)
  • Join Facebook and LinkedIn groups
  • Utilize hashtags that are popular, or customized hashtags

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