How To Rank Higher On Google
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How To Rank Higher On Google

You may wonder how to rank higher on Google if you want to appear at the top of Google’s search engine results pages (SERP). Higher rankings on Google are a continuous process. There is no easy or exact way to know how long it will take to achieve the top ranks. If an SEO company promises you the #1 spot, or that they will get you there in a certain timeframe, it will take time. Google uses a complicated algorithm that is impossible to control. Google’s complicated algorithm is not impossible to manipulate if you understand it well. A recent study by Ahrefs and the UK’s digital marketing agency “The Website Group”, examined how many companies can become top search engine results.

The top 10 keywords for each keyword were analyzed by researchers from both agencies. It often took over months for some pages to rank at the top of search engine results. The majority of pages that achieved number one in search engine results were more than three years old.

This is a rare and unlikely chance for you to reach the top search engine results within a matter of hours. You have a better chance of meeting a unicorn. In the two-month time frame, only 5.7% of newly created pages on Google can reach the top. It can take many months to reach the top page and get great traffic from Google.

Most pages that reached the top 10 within six months were able to do so within 61 to 120 days. This could be helped tremendously by a popular article or piece. Even if your site went viral, it will take at least two months for you to start seeing page-one rankings.

There Are Many Things To Take Into Consideration:

So, you want to know how to rank higher on Google. It is often a combination of several variables that determines the success of a search engine result page. It is important for companies to pay attention to their competitors, their website authority, and their historic ranking. While there is no one right way to rank a page, there are certain aspects that can help boost the results for any business owner.

There is no standard way to rank a page. No company can guarantee that a page will be ranked at the top within a given time. Ranking a page depends on many factors.

how to rank high on google

Top Ranking Is Possible With Low Competition Keywords

Low-volume keywords are a way for many websites to get their foot in search engine rankings. A page that ranks in the top 10 will usually rank for keywords that are less than 1000 searches per month. These keywords are also known as long-tail keywords. Instead of ranking for “personal injury lawyer”, we will instead target “St Petersburg personal injuries attorney” because there is less competition and higher search volume. This will make it easier to reach the first page in a short time. It can take longer to rank at the top for high-volume terms. Long-tail keywords have some of the highest search volume keywords embedded within them. It’s like catching two birds with one stone. You can rank on the first page for long-tail keywords between 61 and 121 days. These trends show that there are many businesses that are trying to rank their pages with long-tail keywords.

Long-term search engine rankings tend to favor high-volume, medium volume terms. Ranking for high-volume search terms is a great way to ensure that your search engine rankings will be varied and you have ongoing support.

SEO is not easy if you choose a short-term strategy that uses low-competition keywords. On these pages, only 5.7% are able to achieve a top 10 result in a year. This is not necessarily a good investment strategy.

It takes effort and dedication to rank your pages, with 95% of pages failing to reach the top 10 within the first year. SEO investment is a long process. Search engine rankings use hundreds of factors to rank pages higher in search engine results. These factors include link building, onsite optimization, domain age, page speeds, and many more. These are all important factors that influence how to rank higher on Google and Google’s algorithm to rank your site higher. It is quite common for a business to reach the top of search engines over several years. This means that you can invest in SEO strategy now to ensure your success in the future.

SEO is a long-term strategy, but it pays off. The highest-ranking organic websites are the most trusted and people will always scroll past paid advertisements. You’ll be back on page 20 if you stop your SEO strategy. You will continue to have to pay for your business’s existence if you use an advertisement-only strategy. Your return on investment will be lower if you spend more money on ads than SEO.

These are the top results to consider when you invest in SEO for your future. Hopefully, this article explained how to rank higher on Google. For questions or to get started contact us today!

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