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Google Maps MarketingThe amount of business connected and completed over the internet has obviously been steadily increasing since its inception, but this last decade (and last six months as well) have only accelerated that process. The start of 2020 has taught us one important lesson: having your business visible online is one of the most important things to get squared away. Just having a website, Facebook, and Instagram page is no longer enough to source enough leads and put up the actual competition with your direct competitors. Every day, people search hundreds of thousands of questions, phrases, and keywords on Google, it has become the internet’s largest directory for products and services! Digital marketing aims to help your business capitalize on all of this; having a properly developed website has a direct impact on how effectively you can get your business, products, and services in front of thousands of potential customers. Lux thrives at making this value possible for businesses in and around the Tampa Bay area, we are the premier Largo digital marketing service by far and we love to prove it! Digital marketing can be complex, confusing, and tricky to navigate, we have decided to put together a little overview on the digital marketing process we go through here at Lux!

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO for short, is of the most impactful facets of digital marketing. Search engines, specifically Google, in this case, see a tremendous amount of traffic for products and services on a daily basis. When it comes to finding a needed product or service, people are quick to turn to Google and enter what’s known as a “keyword”. For example, a commercial business owner may turn to solar panels to help cut his energy bill; he might search “best solar company Florida” into Google to help him find reliable solar companies for the job. Solar providers would most definitely want to rank first in this situation, and that is the exact goal of Lux with our SEO services! SEO is extremely versatile, people of all businesses and professions can benefit from an increase in Google visibility. We’ve worked to optimize results for law firms, roofing contractors, solar companies, tattoo shops, custom home builders, and even monthly sock clubs! Working to increase Google visibility puts your brand and website out to a larger audience, this leads to some extremely positive results for our clients. Our work directly helps to increase calls received to your business; more leads equals more chance for conversions! At Lux, it is our direct goal to increase your revenues, we are only happy if your company is seeing increased business! Still, looking for the right Largo digital marketing service to fit your business needs? Lux Digital Marketing is eager to bring our expertise and experience to the table to optimize your online presence today! If you need a functional, quality new website and want it optimized for online visibility, contact us today! 

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