Local SEO for Lawyers

Local SEO for Lawyers

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is a great way to attract new business and clients. Local SEO is also an important part of digital marketing for law firms because it helps you connect with people who are actively looking for legal services in your area. If you’re thinking of local SEO for lawyers, here are some tips to jump-start your digital marketing journey.

5 Local SEO Tips for Lawyers

1. Be a Mobile First Lawyer Firm

Google is now a mobile-first index. Your law firm website must be built first for the mobile web and optimized for mobile search.

2. Add Schema to Your Law Firm Website

Schema markup is crucial for lawyers’ local SEO. Schema markup is a tool that lawyers can use to get more information and data points from local searches. Someone who searched for the information is more likely to call your law firm.

3. Add Legal Q&A to Blog Posts

People often start their search for a lawyer by asking questions about their case or unique situation. Your law firm will begin to appear in the search results for legal questions that your clients have asked.

4. Make Use of Reputable Lawyer Directories

There are many purposes for lawyers’ local SEO directories. They serve many purposes, including providing citation distribution for local business data. You can increase trust and authority back to your location by building citations. You can find backlinks in lawyer directories. While not all directories are do-follow, many are. Regardless of the fact that these directories have high Domain Authority, backlinks can help to increase your ranking in Google for law firms.

5. Account for Multi-Layer Law Firms

Your website should reflect the number of lawyers and partners in your firm. A detailed page for each lawyer should include a wealth of information about the local area and business. Aside from that, you can use attorney profiles to post testimonials from clients who are highly rated.

SEO Strategies for Law Firms: How to Grow Your Law Firm Through Search Engine Optimization

Law firm SEO is challenging, especially in large metropolitan areas where many people are looking for the best lawyers. There are likely to be hundreds of law firms competing in your area. It is important to have a clear strategy and a purposeful approach to stand out from the rest. These are the secrets of how smart law firms excel in search.

3 Components of Law Firm SEO:

  1. Domain authority
  2. Location authority
  3. Brand authority

The law firms that do well in both areas are those you will see at the top of the local and organic search results. We can call them as the rainmakers, as a result of the inbound traffic and calls coming from new clients.

Domain Authority for Law Firm SEO

Two major components of domain authority are search engine rankings and inbound traffic.

These are inbound links, and site structure.

Building Inbound Links for Law Firm SEO

Law firms have been anxious to create backlinks to their sites since the Google Panda/Penguin algorithm updates. Many clients have come to us for the purpose of removing large numbers of backlinks that point to their websites. The idea of disavowing backlinks is valid, but only if you can prove that your backlinks are from toxic environments. Link farms, which are low-quality and spammy, can be disavowed.

Site Structure for Law Firm SEO

Site structure is the second aspect of building authority for your law firm’s website. It shows how well-organized your pages are within your domain.

Your website with hundreds of pages and no organized structure alignment will result in low domain authority.

If you organize your pages by top-level categories and link to other pages that support those top-level pages, searchers will view your website as having a high site structure. This will translate into strong domain authority.

To understand the structure of a website, consider how you organize files in your computer. A messy desktop with lots of random files will make your computer appear unorganized and low-quality (relating it to a website).

Location Authority for Law Firm SEO

Your law firm’s location authority is key to become visible in certain geographic markets and metro areas.

Two types of SEO are available for law firms to help them locate authorities:

  1. Local SEO / Google Maps
  2. Organic SEO / Organic search results

For law firms, both of these types are heavily influenced by the location of the person searching. The power and ability of your location to rank in Google Maps and Google local search results are called Location Authority. The more authority you have the better your ranking will be within a radius of your main location.

Your local authority can be built by sharing your business data – also known as your NAP (business name, address, phone #, and website URL), or your location citation across the most authoritative local directories and resources related to your business category.

Brand Authority for Your Law Firm Site

Brand authority is the second ingredient in successful SEO for law firms. Also, brand authority can be measured by traffic to your website and exposure through social media. Your website’s authority is how many people recognize your brand. Your brand authority will allow you to grow backlinks, social media traffic, distribution, and overall exposure for the law firm on various channels and authoritative websites.

Local SEO Services for Law Firms: Hiring a Professional Agency

The best method to start with SEO for lawyers is by hiring a professional SEO agency like Lux Digital Marketing. Our St Petersburg SEO company has mastered these techniques and will be able to compete in this highly competitive field. These are the reasons to hire Lux Digital Marketing.

  1. We will put your needs first.
  2. SEO is not something you have to learn or manage by yourself.
  3. Through Lux’s network of social media profiles and websites, we can provide quality leads to your law firm.

We present you with high-quality services that include:

At Lux Digital Marketing we have a proven track record of helping local businesses do just that! We are committed to working with small local businesses and helping them gain exposure, generate leads, increase sales, grow profits, and realize their full potential. Contact us today for a free consultation on how Lux can help your business.