Optimize your Site by Cleaning up Old Content

How to Optimize your Site by Cleaning up Old ContentSEO and content marketing strategy are some of the most important ways that you can increase traffic to your website. These are excellent strategies for growing your reputation and for making sure that you can continue moving further with your content. While we often hear about optimizing a website with proper keywords there are also some excellent ways that you can optimize a website by pruning some of your old content that is simply taking up space and offering very little value to your page. Here are some excellent ways to get started with a content audit and how to select posts that are likely ready for removal:

Removing Short Content

In the early days of optimization, there were many pages that were simply over publishing blogs. This would often mean producing content that included entries at 100 to 150 words. Producing a wide range of pages without proper optimization and phrases like long-tail keywords is no longer as relevant to SEO strategies. The most common rule for content today is that a longer piece of content that’s detailed will often be of greater value than a short post. 

The reason that longer content tends to perform much better is it contains more information, a much higher likelihood of attracting citations and external links as well as any phrases that could be picked up in related searches. Shorter posts that are less than 1000 words might be able to be edited and include expansion in various areas as well as the removal of some older content. Updating some of the shorter posts with more detailed posts and combining them can often be an excellent way to proceed. 

Poor Wording And Syntax

This is a fairly subjective value to evaluate but it’s also important to your linking strategy. Google search engine bots now have quality evaluators for any type of content. Content that’s written poorly, without editing, and with plenty of errors in it will not adhere to the high-quality guidelines that Google places on a variety of its content for trustworthiness. If your content seems to be written by a non-native speaker or it isn’t designed to add value to users, it may not rank well. 

No Backlinks

If your content does not contain any type of backlinks, this can make it difficult to rank. Links are responsible for success with SEO and they offer a channel of authority for your page to experience. If your page has not attracted a single link, you may need to do some of the heavy lifting yourself and start devising a strategy for each post to generate more content links and references to your page. Removing pages that do not contain any type of citations or links will always be wise for the future of your website. 

Low Traffic

You can check in on Google analytics to see the traffic that each of your pages has received. Exploring this metric and determining the sources for your traffic and how much referral traffic you are receiving can be crucial. Taking a look at each page or each post on your website and determining if there are pages that are simply not receiving the right amount of traffic will give the option to transform these pages or delete them entirely. Continuous analytics and monitoring is usually the best way that you can track what you are succeeding with when you are looking at your content. Having ongoing analytics examinations will determine user demand for your content and help you have more success with future content. 

Outdated Content

If you are going to be producing valuable content, you need to consider your SEO. Content that’s outdated likely follows a series of keyword strategies that are old and not relevant. Things have changed dramatically with content and it’s important to consider that the content you produce will also need to be updated with new and relevant links as they are required. Outdated content can be updated or deleted entirely to refresh your page. 

Content That Is Not Organized

It’s possible that some of your early posts lack some of the formattings that the newer content on your website does. Remember that with any website you are cultivating a brand and the content that you are producing should follow that brand. If you have an extremely long post that is unorganized and attempting to explain a fairly complex concept, you should consider the option of removing this content if possible or reorganizing it. 

Keep some of these ideas in mind if you would like to update your website and enjoy a greater level of success with your future content. Contact us today to learn more!