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Pinellas County Digital MarketingMost small business owners have the marketing memo down by now, working consistently to market their business and brand in person and in networking groups. However, there is a side to marketing that, outside of the world of larger companies and corporations, is being largely underutilized by many smaller business owners in Pinellas County. Obviously, we’re talking about digital marketing here! Digital marketing is a subset of marketing that includes a number of concepts under its wide umbrella; well known things like web design and social media marketing fall under the authority of digital marketing. However, concepts like search engine optimization (SEO for short) also fall under digital marketing but they are largely unknown by the general public. When it comes to finding the perfect Pinellas County digital marketing service, why spend your time wading through inexperienced marketing professionals that don’t even operate in the United States? Would you trust your web design to an unresponsive, uncommunicative company? Don’t settle and choose Lux instead, we love to guide our clients through the digital marketing experience and get them more visible online! The team at Lux has decided to put together a concise guide on how the different aspects of digital marketing tie in and work together! 

A Proper Website

The first step to any successful digital marketing campaign is having a functional, easy to optimize, and easy to use website! If you don’t have a website, no worries! Our expert web design team can easily put together an extremely functional WordPress website with whatever features you could want. From a concise gallery showing examples of previous work done to extensive service pages describing what exactly you offer, we can provide you with the perfect website for your business. Not all website designers are created simple; it is easy to get trapped with a subpar website designer and end up regretting your decision months down the line. When it comes to building out a website, you’ll definitely want it done correctly the first time, it’s much harder to clean up and fix a website than it is to create it from scratch. WordPress is an extremely efficient backend, it is the perfect mix of ease of use and functionality. WordPress is perfect for getting your brand off the ground and in front of Google searches but its also great for optimization down the line, there are so many additional add ons and plug-ins exclusive to WordPress that can help improve various metrics across your site, like loading speed!

After creating the perfect website, Lux excels at using SEO tactics to get you increased Google search visibility! SEO is the perfect way to build your brand and generate leads at the same time, and Lux is the premier Pinellas County digital marketing service for the job! Let us double or triple your online visibility, contact us today more digital marketing information!

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