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Pinellas County SEO

Pinellas County SEO

Our world is becoming increasingly more digital with every single year that passes. Even ten years ago it was common for a business or a contractor with no website to still pull business by word of mouth. Nowadays customers search the internet first. Online visibility has taken the digital marketing world by storm. Specific, online visibility on Google! Google is the largest directory in the world, if you are visible and coming up on search engine result pages (SERPs) in Google, chances are your lead-gen and calls are going through the roof. Making changes and adding to a domain with the intention of making that domain more visible on search engines is what’s known as “search engine optimization” or SEO or for short. Small and large businesses, from lawyers to contractors, all business owners are slowly realizing the value that being visible on Google can bring to their company. Want to leverage your online presence and look for Pinellas County SEO?

Look no further than Lux Digital Marketing, Pinellas County’s premier digital marketing company with a focus on SEO! At Lux we offer not only spectacular SEO services, but expert web design as well to get you started in your digital marketing journey. To properly optimize a website, you need a good foundation; proper SEO always begins with great web design. Below we’ll go over how exactly SEO optimizes your website to be found in high volume Google search results! 

How Does SEO Work?

While Google may sound complex and intimidating, the algorithm it uses to rank websites on search result pages is not as complicated as you may think. Basically, Google ranks the content on your website (Pages And Blogs), and combines that rating with the average rating of domains linked to your website. This is where the concept of a backlink comes into play; we will link your website URL on other high ranking websites. We do this through guest blog posting and other means.

When Google indexes and crawls that webpage, it notices that your website is linked on another, higher ranking domain. It then passes some of this onto your website, slowly building the organic ranking of your domain as well! By working a building multiple, quality backlinks over time, we work to increase the quality and ranking of your domain, causing Google to rank it higher for relevant keywords. This translates directly into increased visibility for your business or organization; the more visible you are on Google the more leads you can generate from it! Basically, SEO focuses on building out a quality, content-focused website and connecting it to other great domains to slowly build your website’s authority. 

Why Choose Lux?

A lot of SEO companies operate overseas, with shoddy reporting, bad communication, and generally overall poor results. What set’s Lux apart is that we live right here in Pinellas County, we shop at the same businesses and use the same streets as you! We’re always available for a call to clear up misunderstandings or to properly clarify information in a report. Still looking for Pinellas County SEO? Look no further than Lux Digital Marketing, we’ve produced stellar results for dozens of satisfied clients all over the world, contact us today!

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