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Pinellas County Web DesignA properly built out and formatted website is truly something to behold, Pinellas County Web Design have been searching for a product or service and have been sucked in by a high-quality website. Either it looks extremely clean, loads blisteringly fast, or has great content, even a combination of the three! On the other hand, we’ve all had our fair share of terrible websites.

Why Web Design Is Important?

Either the content is off, it looks like trash, or it loads slower than your grandma’s Windows 2000 PC from back in the day. The point is, we as consumers have become increasingly efficient at determining what is a good website design and what doesn’t fly; potential customers will make the same knee-jerk decisions when they come across your website for the first time as well! Why run the risk of getting a website for cheap; sure you can get a website built out for $800 but just how quality will the final product be? Do you even know where the company is based and located, will they be easy to reach for questions and comments?

What is SEO?

Most of the time, these web design firms are foreign and based in countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. There is nothing wrong with these countries. Firms that offer web design, digital marketing and search engine optimization (also called SEO) services are often very sub-par. Pair these with a general lack of communication and responsiveness and you have a recipe for disaster! It’s best to hire local businesses with proven track records when it comes to creating a website that is great. Lux Digital Marketing is one of the best Pinellas County web design services, based right here in sunny Saint Petersburg! 

Why Choose LUX?

At Lux, we like to exclusively design our websites using the WordPress website creation tool. Why WordPress you ask? WordPress’s functionality is one of the most important. There are many reasons to use WordPress. WordPress is open-source, which means anyone can download the files and offer, edit, and create new applications for it! These are known as add-ons and plug-ins, each one is different and performs a certain function. These plugins make your website load quicker, while others make it easier to optimize for Google. There are endless options when it comes to WordPress. On top of that, WordPress is easy to use. Many of our clients have learned how to add pages, blog posts or content to WordPress without too much effort. 

At Lux Digital Marketing we understand the importance of quality web design, it is any business’s first step in properly leveraging digital marketing to double or even triple their online visibility. Our Pinellas County web design service is second to none, with dozens of quality, optimized websites under our belt, Lux has the web design process down to a tee! Let us provide these same results for your business, contact us today for more information!

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