PPC Management

What is PPC?

Pay Per Click marketing is a form of marketing where the company advertising pays a fee each time that their ad is clicked on Google. Using this method you choose to buy visitors instead of reaching them organically. Making sure you are running an effective PPC advertising campaign is crucial to your businesses profitability. When targeting the right keywords the goal is to make sure that the revenue generated from the paid visitors exceeds the cost of acquiring them.

There is a lot that goes into a PPC campaign from researching the right keywords to target, setting up the correct keywords into well thought out campaigns and ad groups, to setting up landing pages that are built and optimized to have a high conversion rate. Once the research is done and you are all set up it is time to run the ads and assess the effectiveness. This is where monthly management comes into play. We take a look at the ad groups that have high and low conversions, which landing pages are most effective, etc. Management is crucial to a successful PPC campaign. In the long run you want to spend as little as possible to generate new customers and increase your profit-margin.

Features and Benefits of Pay-Per-Click:

  • Works fast! Your ad can begin running the day the campaign is launched.
  • You set your budget and the maximum cost-per-click you’re willing to pay.
  • Campaigns can be targeted to precise geographic areas and set to run on days/times of your choice.
  • Retargeting campaigns show highly targeted ads to people who have visited your website.
  • Google Display Network campaigns show your ads on websites that are relevant to your products and services.
  • Ads can be targeted to mobile devices.
  • Cost per lead is often less than other forms of advertising.
  • Keyword performance can be strategically utilized to increase effectiveness of SEO campaign.
  • Ideal supplement to an SEO campaign–immediate online visibility while your SEO campaign is ramping up.


More Conversions with a Retargeting Campaign!

Ever search for something and a few days later you see ads for the same exact thing you were searching for? Yeah. That’s PPC retargeting. With a retargeting campaign you can serve ads to your visitors while they are on the browser even after they’ve left your page!


What Others Are Saying

Kristian and his Team are next to nothing when it comes to advertising and growing your online presence. They were able to dissect what areas we were engaging with the most and convert them to new business in what seemed like no time with their SEO methods. They also helped with getting us organically ranked on google on the page #1 which was an increase from our previous position on page #17 of a google search . Will definitely using them again in the future!
Lux digital definitely took my business a new level. The amount of inquiries and new clientele I have acquired since hiring Lux has been amazing. Serious game changer! They are easy to work with and always have your best interest in mind. If you are looking to step up your business to the next level, I would definitely hire lux digital. Thanks Kristian!
We went from having no search engine visibility to ranking for highly searched keywords. They are great at SEO! this increased visibility has led to more clicks to our site.

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