Search Engine Optimization Tips

Search Engine Optimization Tips

If you are interested in getting ahead this year with your optimization techniques it’s important to remember that you can quickly get left behind with SEO. Practices are changing constantly and the algorithm updates are more frequent than ever before with new technology. Here are some search engine optimization tips.

Finding some recent and actionable SEO tips could help you update your site and cease some of the outdated practices that you’ve been using for optimization. SEO is something that everyone can take on but it is important to use only white hat tactics to add true value to your site.

In this post, were going to be covering some top search engine optimization tips that follow white hat tactics:

Prepare For An Ongoing Process

SEO is an ongoing process that you will have to continue over many months or many years. You’re bound to see results spike kind a day-to-day basis or week to week, but in order for SEO to be truly effective, you will need to be willing to take on the strategy over a long term period.

Monitoring your results over time through analytics is one of the easiest ways to determine what types of keywords and backlinks are the most effective. Setting up analytics on your website and using monitoring can be a great way to perform background research with all of your content.

Don’t Believe A Provider That Can Deliver Guaranteed Results

Any company or freelancer that suggests they can get you a top search engine spot or produce guaranteed results is not someone that you should consider going with. Guaranteed SEO is nearly impossible with changing search engine standards. No company should be able to offer you a guaranteed result.

Focus On Better Content

One of the greatest trends in SEO today isn’t a focus on keywords but rather on creating quality content. If your content isn’t easy to read or useful, there’s no way that it’s ever going to rank high on search engine results. An article needs to be well thought out any need to be able to explain important aspects of your industry or your products. Shorter articles may not bring everything to the table that your customers need and extremely short articles are even being penalized.

Publishing content on varied topics as well as making sure that you can answer important questions posed by your audience is important. Be careful not to report on the same topics over time as this can also penalize your results. Writing on the same subject or simply spinning the same article many times over can get your results penalized as well.

Focus On User Navigation

UX and navigation are a massive part of optimization today. Many developers get hung up on improving website speed which is important but the way that your customers interact with your website is equally as important. Establishing good navigation systems and placing links to your most popular articles along the sidebar of your site can be a great way to see better returns while highlighting your best content.

On-Page Speed Results

As mentioned previously, website speed has become a massive ranking factor. Creating improved user experiences means having a website that can load in less than 5 seconds. Any website that loads slower than this is deemed slow by Google standards and this can often lead to a site being penalized. Google is even produced a page called page speed insights that can provide you with a series of speed optimization suggestions. Working with a professional web developer can also be a route that you may take to massively improve the speed of your page when it is loading on different devices.

Focus On Titles And Meta-Descriptions

Proper optimization techniques for your titles and meta-descriptions also remain an important step for your site. All of the titles for your webpages need to be completely unique and you’ll also need to add primary keywords for your titles and headings. Without having the main keywords in your titles, it’s very difficult for your site to rank. The optimal title or header is usually around 55 characters ensuring it is short and able to rank well. Meta-descriptions also need to be well optimized and they should contain your descriptions, keywords and title data. There’s a number of resources online that you can use for optimizing your meta-descriptions.

Build A Site Map

A proper site map and a proper interlinking system between your pages can make sure that your site can be easily crawled by a search engine as well as navigated quite easily by your customers. Publishing a full site map can be a wise idea especially as your website starts to grow. Having a framework in place while your website is still small is an excellent optimization technique.

If you would like to learn more about optimization techniques or it’s time for you to optimize your own page, contact us today to learn more about our guide.