SEO Beginners Guide

SEO Beginners Guide

SEO is an ever important aspect of any business and since the early days of marketing and search engine optimization, there have been a number of trends for success every year. Reading older guides for SEO optimization may not be considered effective because what worked in 2018 or 2017 may not be as useful as an updated guide for 2020. Here is an SEO beginner’s guide. 

SEO can be confusing for beginners and with algorithms and standards that are constantly changing, it only grows more confusing when you start to read conflicting information from the past. By reading through this article, you’re going to get some of the most current information on search engine optimization and the process of starting with it in 2020.

The research in this guide will provide an understanding of search engine optimization for beginners. The research that was conducted here explores some of the most critical options with SEO and improving the visibility of a website.

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization or SEO usually introduces a series of strategies that can be used to improve a website rank or visibility in search engines. The position that a website has in the traffic from search engines will often dictate the overall number of visitors that that website will see. In order to drive more organic traffic, website owners are often utilizing optimization techniques to improve their ranking and capture more traffic over time.

The position that a website obtains in the search engine often comes down to factors like the content that they publish, the structure and speed of their website, the links that go to the website and more.

By developing a website on some of these top platforms, a search engine can work at ranking that website above some of its competition. Creating a website that is able to rank well in search engines is just one part of the battle, however, a website also needs to be extremely easy to navigate and the perfect user experience or visitors may never return.

Why is SEO so important?

Search engines are one of the largest sources of web traffic today and it’s likely that you are ready to know some of the main players in this market. When most people are performing SEO, they are seeking traffic from search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google. Google represents one of the largest search engines online and this is often the main search engine that websites are optimizing for in 2020.

It’s important to keep in mind that search engines also index social content so much of the content that companies are producing for platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are all counting towards results in search engines as well.

Another popular tactic that many website owners use with search engines is paying for top search engine results for targeted traffic. Buying an advertising slot above many of the top search engine results can work at generating effective visitors to a website but it can often grow expensive. SEO is a far better tactic to use for ongoing organic results.

Attempting to optimize your site without any expert help can be a risk. Because search engine algorithms change regularly, optimizing properly could mean that search engines will have difficulty finding a website at all. A site that is optimized improperly may not get any traffic whatsoever.

A focus on keyword research as well as current optimization standards can make sure that a website can see success with the optimization tasks that it takes on. Working with an SEO team that has years of experience can often be the best way to succeed in climbing search engine rankings.

What Happens If I Don’t Invest In SEO?

Without any type of investment in SEO, you could be missing out on a large amount of traffic from search engines. When your website goes live, search engines are going to be crawling through your content. Whenever you post a new piece of content, it’s indexable. If users are searching for this content and your content is well optimized, there’s a good chance that you could see results.

Search engines are constantly adjusting their algorithms because they want to provide the most topical results to their audience. The most advanced search engine out rhythms are designed to ensure that anyone submitting a query is getting the best results.

The purpose of search engine optimization is to make sure that the valuable content you’ve created is available to customers across search engines and that the hard work that you put into your content is rewarded with a higher search result.

Searchers are able to find your content more quickly and the search engine is able to provide a better service.

Can I Perform SEO As A Website Owner?

Any website owner can take on optimization tasks. The process can be a bit overwhelming for a beginner but some of the basics of SEO are quite simple to understand and they can make an impact on your website. There are a number of excellent resources that you can use for learning the basics of keyword research, improving your content or even improving the speed of your site through optimization tactics.

Checking out a guide like this one is an important first step to understanding the basics of optimization tasks. Implementing all of the most appropriate strategies for 2020 may mean seeking the help of experts. Some of the more advanced optimization tasks can certainly take time and this may not be within the realm of a business owner schedule.

Reading The Right Advice/ Black Hat Vs White Hat

Before you start to take on optimization tasks for your page, it’s important another difference between black hat tactics versus White hat tactics. White hat strategies are often are more time-consuming process but they can lead to better organic search results in improved results over time.

White hat strategies involve publishing relevant content, having well optimized images and tags, including relevant references and links, working at completing a site that has good spelling and grammar with complete sentences and proper standards for page design.

A black cat strategy often involves publishing the same article many times over and stuffing it with different keywords and invisible text. Redirecting users to different sites or pages across your website to improve their ranking is also a black cat tactic. Adding in links from other sites with nonrelevant content or simply purchasing a farmed amount of links can generate initial results but it often leads to problems with the overall value of the site over time.

Focusing on a white hat SEO strategy remains one of the best ways that you can add more value to your website and offer more to your customers as well.

Some of the main areas that you can focus in on for 2020 in SEO include:

Website design and optimization

Keyword research

Improving quality content of varying length

Off-Page SEO and domain authority

Social media improvements

And more

Consider some of these top trends and if you are serious about improving your search engine optimization, consider speaking to a professional marketer to create an optimization campaign for your page. Contact us today!