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Lux Digital Marketing is the trusted digital marketing company for SEO Florida. We use tactics such as local optimization, quality link building, content marketing, and more to help increase your online visibility and turn traffic into business. Our niche and specialty are making sure your business is visible when people search has allowed us to successfully increase our client’s sales. Major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo rank websites based on specific parameters they deem most important and they do so at no cost to the website owners. In optimizing your website and increasing your ranking in search engine results, you will gain more visibility and will, in turn, see an increase in visitor traffic to your website. The goal is to turn this traffic into business.

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In the early days of research, algorithms were simpler and more competitive. Search volume was also lower back then. Today, everyone is in competition with everyone. Online presence is essential for every business. It has become an integral part of modern life. We can access so much information online that we can search for it before making any purchase decision.

Although Google does not release its search volume, the most recent estimate from HubSpot shows that Google is responsible for approximately 5.6 billion searches a day. There are many other search engines out there, but consumer surveys show that Google dominates searches. What percentage of these searches are done in Florida? We’d need to guess again, but we know that approximately 46% of all Google search results include local intent. This means that nearly half of all Florida searches are made by people searching for local solutions or businesses.

The question is, are you appearing on these search results?

The Right Florida SEO Company

There are many people in Florida and elsewhere who are searching for what you have to say. But if your listing doesn’t appear on the first page of Google results then you are wasting a lot of potentials. It is a terrible thing to see this happen.

Why Should You Partner With a Florida Company

Because we understand what it is like to be you. We understand what it takes to start a Florida business and want to help you succeed. To be the best in our area. We are proud of where we are now, and where we are going, and we don’t want to be boastful. We want to see all those who feel the same as us achieve the results we desire.

Lux is a Florida SEO firm that helps you and your business get found online. To be found, and to be taken seriously. We will do all the local SEO work and ensure that your website rank increases and your potential customers find you. We then give you the reins. Your product or service then takes control and your customers are delivered.

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Search Engine Optimization is not without its complexities, but we will cover them as well. This could include link building to improve domain authority and page authority, creating or updating local links, optimizing existing content, or managing pay-per-click. Don’t worry if this is something you don’t know. It is our job to be SEO experts, so it doesn’t have to be your job. Contact Lux Digital Marketing today!