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The Entrepreneur Series: 5 SEO Marketing Trends for 2019

 Optimizing your page for the best search engine ranking is something that requires constant revisiting. Because the algorithms that search engines use are regularly changing on a daily basis, you’ll need to stay up to date in order to maximize your search engine value. Here are some of the top SEO marketing trends for 2019 so that you can stay competitive in your search engine optimization:

Don’t Just Focus on Google Standards 

Google does remain the top of the search engine heap but there are also emerging players like Amazon search engines and apple. With the Smart home devices on Amazon and Apple, there is a whole new market that you can focus in on and some easier search engine standards to capture. Up to 50% of searches will be done via voice by 2020. It is important to stay ahead of the times!

Focus on Quality Over Quantity

Spamming the market with content is the old strategy for SEO. Before you could spam keywords, links, etc and get away with it. Now it may actually lead to getting de indexed from the search engines. There are many site owners that are investing in quality content that drives engagement. Building just one good piece of long form content could be all that you need to see real success online.

Optimization Starts with Loading Time

UX and your rankings in most search engines today come down to on page optimization and off page optimization. There are factors that influence the algorithms both on and off of the website. One of the on site SEO factors come down to loading time. Speed has become one of the top ranking factors on google and if your page isn’t properly optimized to load quickly, you could be left in the dust. This will result in your site ranking further from the first position on Google. 

Voice Search Optimization is a Must

The use of smart home devices is at an all-time high and it’s estimated that by 2020, 50% of web users will be doing regular voice searches. Optimizing keywords for voice commands is essential for a new age of content. Consult an SEO expert to make sure that your business is prepared for 2020.

Structuring Your Data

Organize all of your data online for search engine crawlers. Having appropriately structured data in the form of website meta-descriptions, full site maps and more will speed up the process of indexing your site. This proper organization will also ensure that none of your content is missed so you can get the full benefit of everything you’ve built.

Consider all of these top marketing trends for 2019 as you are building your web presence. Lux Digital Marketing has nearly a decade of optimizing clients successfully to the first position on Google. Contact us today for a free consultation and SEO audit for your business.

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