Should You Keep Your Best Content On Your Site or Send it Away?

Should You Keep Your Best Content On Your Site or Send it Away

Throughout the world of SEO, there has been a lot of conversation about the best way to make use of promotional content. Naturally, there are various opinions about all of the different promotional content options, with a lot of it coming down to the goals of each individual webmaster and their site. Here we talk about the decision between keeping your best content on your site or send it away.

There are some webmasters who are very open about asking for guest bloggers due to a lack of native content or a lack of budget for their own writing staff. While there are other webmasters who want to do a lot of guest writing for other sites in order to bolster their own reputation and increase the number of inbound links they have. 

There are many different reasons why people ask for content. One of the oldest in the tradition of some newer websites asking seasoned writers to do a few posts for their site in order to build up the credibility of their webpage. 

However, all of these conversations about guest posts leads to one of the most difficult questions in the realm of SEO professionals: Do you keep your best work for your own site, or sell it as a guest post somewhere else?

There are a lot of professionals in the world of SEO that are diehard on the position that you should be keeping all of your best work for your own site. However, there are also a lot of professionals that are convinced that having your best work on other people’s websites is the best way to create a large potential for traffic, leads, and even clients coming your way from someone else’s site. 

Your Best Work Elsewhere

Branching out is often looked at as one of the best ways to do business. Whether it is in the realm of stocks, freelance writing, or any other business. So, it is not surprising that a lot of SEO professionals are all for branching out with their content and placing a lot of their best work on someone else’s site rather than keeping it for themselves. 

Content writers can see a lot of their site traffic remain steady (with spikes coming as they post organic work), but can still see a lot of leads flow in because of work done elsewhere. 

For webmasters that do not rely on organic traffic as their main source of traffic, placing your content on other sites is a great way to create stability for yourself. With enough content being placed elsewhere, you can be sure that if anything happened to your site you could still see a lot of traffic flowing to your site from other sources, as well as maintaining leads for new content. 

The Pros and Cons of Placing Your Content Elsewhere

Just because placing your best content elsewhere works for some does not mean that it is the best SEO plan for everyone. So, if you happen to be struggling with the decision of what to do with your content and your webpage, these pros and cons could help you make a decision. 

The Pros of Posting Elsewhere

New business: Posting your content to other webpages is a great way to reach brand new audiences and open up new openings for business leads and new clients. 

A voice of authority: Being featured as a guest writer on other sites is a good way of getting your name out there as an authority on a subject among online communities. 

Broaden your reach: You will be able to broaden your reach by being featured in the roundup and newsletters of various other sites. This helps get your name out there and create opportunities to find new potential clients and partners. 

Online survival: Having some of your best work posted elsewhere can also act as a bit of insurance for your work’s survival in case anything happens to your own webpage. 

The Downside to Posting Your Best Work Elsewhere

Driving traffic: When you post your best content to other people’s websites instead of your own, you are helping drive content to somewhere other than your own website first.

Reputation: When your content is hosted elsewhere, you are risking your reputation on the reputation of whoever is hosting your content. 

Removed or shutdown: Because your content is being hosted elsewhere, it means your work could be removed at any time, or the other site could be shut down at any time without warning.

Pros and Cons of Keeping Your Content On Your Own Site


No middle man: You will be driving content to your own site without the middleman.

Control: You are in complete control of your content and how it is used, or how long it stays up. 

Links: Any links you have on your site will be helping you directly, instead of working for someone else. 

Your own authority: Your content will be working to build your own authority. 

Cons of Keeping Your Own Content

Rank: If your website does not rank well, you will not have as high a chance to see a return on your investment. 

Diverse audience: If you do not have a diverse demographic in your site’s audience, your content may not be reaching that many readers. Contact us today to learn more!