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Social Media Marketing in St Pete

Social Media Marketing st petersburgThere are many small businesses that are using social media marketing in their local area to create cost-effective and versatile solutions for marketing campaigns. Marketing utilizing social media remains one of the best new strategies that you can use in digital marketing today. Around 97% of marketers are utilizing social media marketing in St Pete. But why should you consider using professional digital marketing with a company like Lux for your social media marketing? Here are some of the top advantages of using local social media marketing in St Pete with Lux Digital Marketing:

All of Your Customers Are Already There

Around 70% of the United States marketplace has access to at least one social media profile. There are going to be over 3 billion people labeled as regular social media users in 2021. This is an insurmountable high audience for any small business to take advantage of. Your customers are regularly spending time on these channels. With most social media users accessing their sites, this presents you with the chance to market your products to this audience.

Social Media Marketing Is Less Aggressive

Consumers are often much more receptive to advertising on social media because it is a less aggressive advertisement. Advertising delivered on a social media platform is typically designed as a branded experience. Social media users are often interacting with and following their favorite brands to enjoy personalized customer service experiences. Having a profile for your company can give your customers the chance to reach out to you and share feedback, or give you another platform to offer great customer service.

Highly Targeted to Improve Conversions

Social media marketing with a digital marketing company is one of the best ways to maximize your marketing budget. You could be marketing your products directly to one age group or to one neighborhood in St Petersburg alone. Having these highly targeted marketing campaigns can ensure that you see maximum conversion on all of the marketing dollars that you have spent. A team of professional digital marketers can make sure this budget stretches further.

Needed for Brand Recognition

Social media can improve brand recognition by making sure you are marketing to a local area. Having a social media page is the first step to making sure that people can find your business. Establishing new methods of acquiring customers and making sure your name is out there can be important. Working with a professional digital marketing company can also make sure that you are putting your best first impression out there for brand recognition.

It Leads to Massive Amounts of Web Traffic

With the sheer amount of people that are on social media profiles, it’s easy to start generating more inbound traffic for your website. As you start to generate more traffic on your social media pages and on your website you can make sure that you have a steady stream of optimized conversions for sales and leads. If the trail of visitors from your social sites is sent to a highly optimized webpage, you can make sure that every visitor will have a good shot at turning into a customer as well.

Reaching Audiences on Different Platforms

Working with the team at Lux, you can create multiple audiences across different platforms. Marketing your business to companies across various platforms like Instagram and Facebook can help you reach different audiences and in highly directed marketing content. A company that has expertise on multiple platforms can ensure that you are able to generate the best experiences for each platform.

As you can see, having social media profiles to market to the local audience in St Petersburg can be extremely beneficial for your business. Starting as soon as possible can make sure that you can compete in this marketplace.

If you would like to learn more about marketing over social media in St Petersburg and working with a local digital marketing company like Lux Digital Marketing, contact us today.

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