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St Petersburg MarketingAt Lux Digital marketing we consider ourselves to be lifelong learners who are constantly striving to find the latest big trends in marketing. Digital marketing is a field that is constantly changing and the only way that you don’t get left behind is if you are constantly planning ahead. In the coming year, our team of St Petersburg marketing experts in the field of SEO is looking toward some of these top trends in digital marketing for the future:

White Hat SEO:

Back in the day, it used to be a big thing to be able to add keywords anywhere and everywhere on the website to rank higher for them. Today that is keyword stuffing and is black hat SEO. You will get a penalty for spamming keywords on the website and potentially remove from Google altogether. White Hat SEO is the best practice today and that is what we implement. We strategically optimize the content on the website without spamming keywords. 

Today, everything needs to look real, organic, and natural to Google’s eyes. For example, a huge part of the SEO strategy is building links from other websites that point to yours. Before you could spam links to your website and you still even see offers such as “buy 100 links today for $20.” This is black hat SEO. And as a result, Google will remove you from the results page. Google will be able to identify what you are doing when you receive 100 links to your site overnight from websites that are not relevant to your product/service, low authority, etc. 

We have successfully ranked dozens of clients and helped them generate millions in revenue through organic searches because we implement white hat SEO tactics that yield the best results. 

SEO with featured snippets:

SEO optimization is now a crucial task that any business needs to take on. Search engines like Google can control organic search opportunities and a massive amount of traffic potential for your page. Search engine result pages are not the only goal of the business. SERP values are one small part of SEO and featured snippets are another way that businesses are climbing search engine results quickly. Featured snippets are a direct way that businesses can climb to the top of search engine results to a position above one. When content is created in an extremely concise way, a search engine term may produce an answer above search engine results in this position. Featured snippets are an excellent way to optimize your content for quick answers and the best levels of traffic that come from concise answers within your content.

Smart home and voice search:

At Lux, we have been highlighting the use of voice search in content creation. With the use of so many smart home devices and with users often performing voice search features on mobile devices, there is a major influence on content with long tail keywords. Voice search gives you the chance to access a large market with keyword optimization. As well as changing the way you optimize your content, voice search also allows for branded experiences or branded skills. Certain smart speakers now work with brands to offer quick functions like asking digital assistants for a burger recipe from a meat company or instant cart service from their favorite online retailers. These functions can open up a whole new line of possibilities for your website and your marketing campaigns to enable voice search.

Improving visual content:

Creating strong content in digital marketing is one of the cornerstones of our work. This shift in focus from writing content, to creating more digital content is on for the future. With the growth of platforms like Instagram, there are many marketers that are choosing image-based marketing content. Optimizing these images for fast loading and making sure that they can be well branded is all within the realm of what a digital marketer is responsible for today. Neglecting visual content can make it difficult for you to compete in the market.

These are just a few of the top trends that Lux Digital Marketing is looking towards. As we continue to help our long-standing clients and acquire new ones, we want to make sure that we can create the greatest impact with our St Petersburg marketing services. If you are interested in our services contact us today for a free consultation! 

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