The Best WordPress SEO Plugins For 2020

The Best WordPress SEO Plugins For 2020

If you are running a site on WordPress that hasn’t taken into consideration any type of search engine optimization it’s likely that you could be missing out on a massive amount of traffic for your webpage. Website administrators and business owners are now more focused on search engine optimization than ever before. This is an essential part of any marketing budget and it often defined as a key metric for success for any business.

In order to make sure that your WordPress-based site is well optimized for success with search engines, there’s a number of excellent plug-ins that you could be using especially if you’re a beginner to SEO. These SEO plugins are by no means a replacement for any type of professional marketing service that can give you an edge to take your site to the next level regardless of your understanding of SEO.

What Is A WordPress Plug-In?

Plugins are easily added to your website and they are mostly used as tools that can improve the overall efficiency, functionality, and look of your website. There are over 55,000 current WordPress plug-ins available and you can quickly install these from the dashboard on your site.

Installing from the WordPress dashboard or using a manual installation through FTP or an admin plug upload are usually the easiest ways that you can integrate these plug-ins with your website.

How To Install Plug-ins From The Dashboard

You can add or upload plug-ins through the dashboard by going to the plug-ins section of WordPress, clicking add new, and then searching for the WordPress plug-in that you’d like to install. If you can’t find a WordPress plug-in that you’re looking for, download the plug-in from the creator’s website, upload it, and then activate it accordingly.

Here are some of the best SEO plugins that are widely utilized on the WordPress platform and known for their excellent insights with SEO:


Yoast comes with a free and paid subscription. It’s one of the most popular SEO plugins for the WordPress platform. What Yoast can help out with is improving your keyword density and making sure that you can get helpful analysis on every page that you’re creating. Yoast has excellent features that can help you to set up redirects, it seamlessly connects every page of a Google search consul and it will automatically create XML site maps. With the improvements to your SEO keywords, title tags, and the form of posts as well as the automated features that it can add to your site, Yoast is a must-have plug-in for any user.

SEO Ultimate

This is a plug-in that comes with an all in one feature for data flexibility and a series of automated tools. It’s one of the only SEO plugins that will generate internal links on your site and automatically set up keywords. This can really help you speed up the process of content creation. The plug-in also has a file editor which can make it easy to modify your robots.txt file for proper post-optimization. The plug-in will also automatically create an open graph for new pages and posts.

SEM Rush SEO Writing Assistant

As another highly popular SEO plug-in, this product has been created by SEM rush which can provide you with an instant readout of recommendations for your content. This plug-in will map your content against the top 10 ranking pages within your given keywords. It also can help you improve readability, make sure that you’re using the right tone of voice and it provides an automatic plagiarism checker. With onboard linking recommendations in ways that you can format your post against the competition, this is a tool that can help you to properly measure each post against what it needs to rank above.

Google XML Sitemaps

This free SEO plug-in Is designed to make easy XML site maps that can improve your search engine visibility. XML site maps can make it easier for a search engine crawler to go through your website and index the pages. Google XML site maps will work to automatically build your site map as you publish new content. Once the plug-in is installed you can easily get access to updated XML site maps for indexing on any search engine.

Rank Math

Rank Math is a plug-in that is designed for efficiency and it helps website owners to optimize their content on social media and search engines. It’s one of the easiest SEO plug-ins to set up through the configuration wizard and it can DVD option to optimize your content on multiple platforms for unlimited keywords. It’s one the best timesavers for Google search console integration and it has Google schema markups for many types of content. It’s also completely free to use.

If you have not considered installing a plug-in for your website and you’d like to get access to the best and easy improvements for your SEO, these are some excellent places to start. If you would like to work at improving your search engine rankings at a professional level, contact us today.