The Evolution of Link Building

The Evolution of Link Building

Making sure that your website is able to get the recognition that it deserves often comes down to its authority ranking. Authority ranking is commonly confused with the total number of links that go through to your website. Many people with SEO are simply working to push links towards a site in an effort to help it rank. Here we talk about the evolution of link building.

Getting your page to the top of search engine results means using a number of marketing strategies. Links are just one small part of driving traffic and they are one small part of building authority for your site. 

SEO at one time was as easy as building up a large number of links quickly, but the latest search engine algorithms put far more into relevant keywords and a non-traditional link-building strategy for quality results. This is where the evolution of link building comes into play. 

Link Building History

With the start of website owners first trying SEO, there were many businesses that worked in the process of link building to their advantage. It often meant purchasing a number of unethical links by the thousands or farming links using the software. Early optimization strategies involved regular stuffing of links and going crazy with the content writing to have constant access to areas where links could be embedded.

The number of links often mattered far more than the quality of the sites that were producing them so many professionals were even producing software that was generating sites and links to keep pointing new traffic towards a specific page that they wanted to promote. This improper link strategy would eventually lead Google to change its search engine algorithm. 

When a person used to search using Google, there is a fairly unpleasant experience where a series of pages with spamming and excessive backlinks would often appear first. Under new guidelines, sites that use paid backlinks are often heavily penalized and drop to the bottom of results. There are even some websites that have been taken completely out of search engine results because of the link strategy that was used in their original creation. 

Links remain an important part of any SEO strategy but they don’t make up the entire strategy themselves. Partnering together link strategy, keywords, on-page SEO and more can offer the best results. 

Some of The Best Links Website Owners Target Today

Regular backlinks from websites of a higher authority to your own can be a good start. The strategy of selecting links for your page needs to evolve over time. When we look at the latest in search engine updates, a greater emphasis on higher quality content that’s related to your business takes precedence. 

Google will prioritize your site over others if you have a series of quality reviews, mentions, or social media interactions for example. This type of link-building strategy has become more in the mindset of the average SEO professional. 

Using Mentions

When someone has a positive mention of your brand this increases trust in your brand as a whole. Even if a person isn’t linking directly to your site, a mention of quality about your brand will help Google to check on your website and work to rank it higher. This type of link-building strategy is called a citation in which business listings get ongoing reviews and links back about the experience that customers had over social media, comments, and more. 


Published reviews are also important in today’s marketing. Sites like Yelp and Google reviews help to quell some of the suspicious ideas that people get about your website and they can make you a much more trustworthy brand. There’s a reason that many businesses today are encouraging their customers to leave reviews online. Online reviews are extremely important in ranking pages today and they build trust for your brand as well as instill brand loyalty. Being set up with a Google my business page as well as encouraging reviews on all social platforms is an excellent way that you can rank your page. The occasional negative review is bound to happen but as long as you make an effort to respond in a prompt manner, this will show that you are willing to address any issues with your company and this can work to establish trust even further. 

Influencer Marketing

Working with people that have the attention of your target audience can be an important step in managing your content and improving your page. Influencer marketing leads to more mentions and more links for your product or page than ever before. It can often be an investment upfront but if you can connect with an influencer and work at promoting your page, you can see fast results with your content and rank.

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