Three Steps To A Better Performing About Us Page

Three Steps To A Better Performing About Us Page

Three Steps To A Better Performing About Us Page

There are many businesses today that are facing a series of overwhelming problems with their content. Most businesses are looking towards ranking content on pages like their homepage or blog but one of the most commonly overlooked pages on a website is the about us page. 

An about us page can be one of the most important ranking pages on any website as well as for a social media site and for your link-building strategy. Publishing an excellent about me page from the beginning doesn’t require too much investment but it can often dictate buyer behavior. 

An about page is an essential piece of the journey to purchasing your product. A quality about us page could drive people to your site and then convince them about the validity of your business. Building trust in your business, when stacked up against a large number of online competitors, can be a crucial aspect of building up your page for the future. 

If you are curious about how you can build a more successful page for the future of your business, here are some of the top reasons it is important and how you can optimize it:

Why The Page Is So Crucial

Your about page stands as an entry page for your business. An about us page needs to rank well for any type of search inquiry because it appears in your mini-site links. Your about page often works as a trigger for your conversions as well. If you have a customer that is considering the option of buying your product or visiting your site, you will need a highly convincing statement to get them to check out your brand. This page can serve as a perfect tool for helping people understand who you are and to build that trust and loyalty for your brand early on. 

Your about page can truly be one of the most perfect entities for optimizing with search engine results. An about us page is often ranked on Google for its expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. As these pages are being rated, people are looking for ranking signals to ensure that you are able to offer the best experience in your area. 

How You Can Improve The Quality Of Your About Page

Start With A Strong Message

The message that you use to open up your page can be very important. Your about page needs to read like a business card and people should be able to learn who you are within a very short period of time. Your page should have an eye-catching and memorable slogan that will grab a person’s attention and encourage them to scroll down to read more about your business. Whether it is starting with an impressive statistic on the impact you’ve had in your marketplace, or you have a powerful slogan about the illustrious history of your company, you can make an impact within seconds of someone opening the page this way. 

A Linkage To A Different Company

If somebody has not heard of your business before, linking it through to a different company or outlining the way that it is linked to a partner can be helpful for a frame of reference. Linking other entities can also be important for ranking your page. Links are essential for bringing new traffic to your page and ranking the authority of your website. If you can link through some of the companies that you are associated with, this will improve all of your search engine rankings. 

Some of the best link-building strategies that you can use if you are a fairly separated entity could be some of the awards that you’ve won, the best mentions that you’ve had from influencers, conferences that you’ve attended an event that you have put on. As you continue to build up links this can help you to access new audiences while improving your page ranking. 

A Call To Action

One of the most forgotten factors on many about pages is the call to action. Having a call to action at the end of the about page is essential because it makes navigation clear from the about page. If you are producing a website to facilitate online sales your goal should be to drive customers towards the sales page. This could mean having a call to action at the bottom of your about page urging your customers to visit your sales catalog to show them more about your products. 

Depending on the nature of your business you could use your call to action on an about page to request a personal demo of your product, to get customers to contact you, to talk to a chatbot on your site, or to opt-in to receive a discount to your newsletter. 

Consider the overall goal of your about page and how you would like your customers to navigate through your website. Making sure that you are able to urge the customer to move through your page in a seamless format can be important to improving your on-page navigation. 

Consider some of these top improvements for your page as you are moving forward with your optimization strategy. Contact us today to learn more!